Gah!!! Now my bag is BLOTCHY!!! Pls help me get a refund or exchange!

  1. Hi everyone...I posted before from an older thread but received no response. i thought I'd try again because I noticed tonight that my bag is BLOTCHY now, half of it is pinker than the other!!! :wtf:

    As many of you may know, my pink box has turned a pale beigey colour like esiders and hc1871. I bought it from Ebay and it came with the original receipt from Selfridges in the UK.

    The manager of the Balenciaga area at Selfridges will call me
    back to speak to me about it as she's been away sick. I think I have to send it to them first and get it checked out at Balenciaga Head Office before they make a decision. I'm very tempted to call back tonight even though she has'nt called me. :hysteric:

    Anyway, I'm worried that she'll ask me what I've used on the bag and she'll say that it's my fault for using it. It's only been treated with leather conditioners and AG. It's 4 months old and it looks so different to how it should look!

    Can you think of any other tips I could say that might help me get a refund or exchange? The problem is that I'm in Australia so I'll have to send it back to them insured. I want to make sure that the chances of a refund or exchange are likely before I do this.:shrugs:

    Thanks for any advice!
  2. Have you tried contacting the Balenciaga store in New York? I know some people here have been successful dealing with them directly.
  3. Really, you have a few options.

    You know that Selfridges may not exchange the bag or do anything if you tell them you put products onto it. You could try and *not* disclose this, but if they ask you, you will have to lie about it - or tell them and hope they don't mind. You can tell them that you have heard of at least two other bags in this colour with this problem and would like an exchange/ refund, without mentioning using products on it. If they refuse to exchange/ refund the bag, then you will most likely want to have it repaired/ restored.

    lovinmybags has a great following here because of how fantastically Chass's bubblegum pink bag was restored. I believe it was expensive, but it may be worth spending the money to have a bag that you will use and will look great.

    If not, sell it on eBay and chalk it up to experience.

    I am sorry that this bag has not been what you hoped for! I hope you find some resolution for it.

    I wish you well,

  4. Oh, and I do not know Selfridges and what kind of store they are, but they may not be sympathetic at all because you are not the original buyer, even though you have the receipt! In this case, I would contact BalNY and see if they can do anything for you!

    I wish you well,

  5. I already called Balenciaga in Paris and NY and they told me to deal with Selfridges.

    I still love the bag, but the blotches is really starting to bug me.

    Guys, I just came to my thread and I realise how demanding and rude I'm sounding. Sorry about this...I'm having a bad day!

    I wish I could atleast edit the title. Does anyone know how?
  6. EMMAKINS: Don't bother calling BalNY...they will tell you to deal with Selfridges directly. I spoke to BalNY yesterday about my pale pink work and they told me to take it back to the boutique where I got it. I just dropped off the bag this morning....the SA said that they will have the owner look at the bag and most likely send it back to Balenciaga (which is what I want them to do).

    Don't mention that you've treated the bag...the bottom line is that the bag is "defective" and shouldn't look this way after 4 months, no matter what. I also treated my bag with apple conditioner...but when I went to the store to return it, all I said is "the bag is turning yellow. Can you send it back to Balenciaga and see what they can do about it?".

    You have the receipt from Selfridges, right? Just say the bag was a gift, but you have the receipt. If they give you a hard time, I would contact the seller and see if she can help you out by acting as a "go between" between you and Selfridges...after all, she may have said the bag needed refurbishment in her eBay listing, but she didn't say it was faded too.
  7. esiders-that is brillant! :idea:

    But if they ask me if I've put anything on it, and I say no, will they be able to prove me wrong?

    If I send the bag back for them to send back to Bal, I'm risking losing the bag in the post and shipping and custom fees (if they ship me a new bag).

    The seller did'nt buy the bag from Selfridges, her Ebay seller did. Hopefully I won't have to deal with my seller.

    How long should continue waiting for this woman to call me back? It's been nearly a week since I first rang in and two nights ago, I rang again and was told that she is sick.
  8. omy, i'm so sorry to hear that, seems to be a common problem with the pale rose and that's sorta scary. I wish you the best of luck!
  9. i'd call every single day until there is some sort of resolution.
  10. same.I wouldn't keep a bag that I didn't love 100 %. Wishing the best of luck with this ordeal.;)
  11. i agree with what esiders said. good luck!!
  12. If it is a common problem with that color, Selfridge's should take it back.
  13. Thanks everyone. I'm giving Selfridges a call on Monday night so that makes it a whole week since I first called them.

    Failing that, I guess I'll have to send my bag to livinmybags.

    But just HOW common is it when the bags turn yellow? I only know of two other PFers.

    Meanwhile, I hid my Bal bag back into it's box. I stresses me out seeing it!