Gah! Neck cramp!

  1. Anyone get these? I haven't had one for years! I guess I slept in a weird position because now it hurts like !#$% when I try to turn my head to the left! LOL I guess I'll avoid driving!
  2. I get those.

    Spending time in a hot tub with jacuzzi jets is THE BEST.

    Second best is getting a massage. Book one NOW.

    Third best is taking a long hot shower with the jets focused on your neck.

    Fourth best is sleeping with a heating pad placed on your pillow so your neck gets the heat. If your bedroom is not cool this summer, get a window air conditioner.

    Put ice bags on your shoulder/neck area. This will decrease inflamation and make you feel less pain. It is important to decrease inflamation.

    Inflamed areas have lots of lymph and other fluids. This compresses the veins, arteries, and capillaries. That means blood cannot get to the injured area and provide the proper nutrients to repair the damage.

    Besides an antiInflammatory (aleve) you may also wish to take aspirin. Aspirin open up the blood supply channels.

    Hope you feel better soon!