Gah!! My straps are cracking! Help!

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  1. So, the rubber/plastic sealant stuff on the sides of the straps on my Hayden-Harnett Havana Hobo are cracking! I've only had this bag since February! Is there anything I can do to repair this, or is it a lost cause?
  2. The Havana has only one strap right? Can you post a pic of this?
  3. Yes, just one strap. Hold on for pics...

  4. Have a peek at
    Is your bag direct from HH only 2 months ago !!? If your bag is still available, you deserve a new one !
    Others have experienced this; wonder how they resolved it. Dealing with this could be a royal PITA.
    Do post a picture, but meanwhile see what your cobbler thinks. He may be able to reseal the strap.
  5. I've had lots of problems with the paint that people use to seal their edges. Many of them crack. It bugs me, but I have seen it happen a lot.
  6. I know what you mean because it happened to me on a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. Very aggrevating but for me, it happened within the first month so I was able to return it to Bloomies.
  7. Same thing happened to my Kooba Jennifer, very annoying!

    I'd call up Hayden-Harnett (if you got the bag from them directly) and let them know what's up, and that you're disappointed in the bag. Let us know what happens.
  8. treegap, please do post back with h-hs response! hopefully, their customer service dept does the right thing.
  9. Sorry I haven't posted photos- I was having trouble uploading them. I'll see if I can do that tonight. Thanks for all the info and advice, everyone. I think I will either call them up or take a walk over to the design shop since it's in my neighborhood and it's where I purchased the bag. I bought a Lorca at the same time in the same color and haven't carried it much at all, but now I'm worried the same thing is going to happen.

    I'll let you know what HH says.
  10. This happened to me several years ago with a Coach bag. I brought the bag back in after having it for 4 or 5 months. They took it back with apologies and gave me store credit for another bag.