Gah! Does anybody know the name of this Chanel beauty?

  1. She's perfection!
  2. Something like "Country Club"??
  3. Yes, that's the Country Club tote :yes: It's from the 2007 Spring/Summer collection. It came in a small and large size.
  4. It's so pretty! Love the green!
  5. I remember seeing it in the S/S07 pics and thinking it was really pretty, then at the store IRL I didn't really like it...maybe it's just me does look pretty in the pic!!
  6. Why, oh why, did you post this bag !?! Nervous Laugh.....
    :love:I have been flirting with this bag for months and so far have resisted but now my SA has it on hold for me. Your post made me realize how much I love the bag, it really is a beautiful green. So, now it looks like I might give this classic / preppy tote a home and collect double points this week. Which is great except for the fact I am trying to stay on a ban until Spring / Summer 08 Collection. Ugh!!!!:push:
  7. Great bag!!!
  8. I fell in love with this bag when I first saw a photo. The green is great!
  9. What a nice, rich shade of green!