GAH! cant not decide between these burberry bags...

hi all, i've been looking for one of those big slouchy bags, but didnt like what i saw, so i settled on buying just a sporty black lesportsac tote for all of my errands, gym etc. but im also looking for another bag to go out with, but doesnt look so oldish.

ive been thinking about:

jacquard sling

heather suede

wool tartan handbag

tartan handbag

as you can see i am in love with burberrys simple sophistication, its non jazzyness, as the style is these days. its all nice i'll admit, but im not a very girly girl, and want to stray away from anything thats like mink or fox since im not a fur kind of person. its something that can go for upstated casual or elegant is what im looking for, something that will polish off my sweats yet pull my look together if i wear jeans and heels. if anyone can suggest anything else i would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT. i love the slouchy look but the only ones ive seen is by juicy and i would like something a little not sure how to say it, but im not a fan of heavy buckles and locks and chains and skins and all that. and i dont want a bag that looks too 'adult' for im still polishing off school, and i know that my time to be in that stage is limited. GAH! now you all can understand why ive been having such a hard time choosing a bag this season! any pointers or choices?
I like the classic Burberry print and the green wool plaid. Depends on what colors you wear most. The red plaid is nice too if your wardrobe isn't primarily earth tones.
those were the same reasons why i chose those, the sling always looks polished, but it seems like its one of those bags which will outlast time stylewise, one of the reasons i was drawn to it, but at the same time, i can always buy it later, but thats still an option,

so it comes to the suede or the wool tartan

the last tartan looks nice too, but it doesnt scream out to me, if you get what i mean.........

BUT then again ive been looking at the gucci hobos, the medium hobos look great too! but they dont seem like they would slouch, and would look odd on my shoulder if it didnt....there are too many decisons and possibilities! heh i should have never went on
I like the 1st photo of Burberry's shadow print and the 3rd photo of the green plaid suede, but I think i'm leaning more towards the shadow print,
The wool is cute and a bit edgier for a Burberry so that's a plus but if you're going to want to wear a bag out whenever/wherever, you might want to go with the jacquard. I would opt for #1.
i guess for the season, how ever much use i get out of it is welcomed, i probably wont get another bag till the summer line is out because i am getting addicted to tiffanys jewelry, and want to buy a nice wallet and watch, like good stuff that can last, and then change it up in several months. i feel like the jacquard and tartan, though lovely, seem like they will be there for longer, like they are more classic, and thats what i usually would go for, but i want to, you know change it up a bit! i like that the (im going to go old school on you guys) green suede and the wool tartan are out there, but not like 'look at me! im tacky!' i love the green suede, its solidnesss seems like it can go for more busier clothes, but then again the wool tartan has that and a classic side too, and that would go well, because my team sweats and dark demin and tees and polos are pretty much my whole wardrobe, with the occasional thermal tees or camioloes and more dressier "swishy" pants, so both the bags will compliment my wear great. which makes it all even harder! but its wierd, i was leaning to the green, and now i am to the wool tartan...youd think by now i would know already!