Gaga over Speedy!!

  1. Are there other TPers here who are crazy over Lv's Speedy...namely the 30. Just this year my sister and I went gaga over it. We bought the mono last june and on august we bought the damier. We both plan to collect (hopefully) ALL the Speedy 30's. We are now saving for our Epi Speedy.....Can someone list all the Speedys foe me:yes:

    I:heart: :heart: :heart: Speedy 30!! I specially am craving for the Mirior edition
  2. I've got the Multicolore one (in black.) It's a beautiful bag! I probably won't buy any more speedies though as the handheld aspect bothers me a bit. I prefer bags I can shoulder.
  3. Me too! I :heart: the speedy. Its so simple yet so functional!
  4. I had a Speedy a few years ago and I have to say, I didn't like it! I don't know about the new ones but the older ones would easily sag. I just hated it when I would put it on a counter and the bag would literally shrink down and look flat! Anyway, LV may have improved them since then. This was about 3 years ago and since then I cannot bring myself to buy another bag unless I know for sure it won't sag. Btw, I had an LV Alma a few years ago too and love that bag. I ended up selling it on eBay only because I need a shoulder bag (got two kids, don't have an extra hand for carrying a bag) but I thought the Alma was so nice and really sturdy and structured.
  5. LV Speedy will always be my favorite LV bag
  6. I love the speedy 30, it holds a ton, I am comfortable with the handheld bags, I use a purseket and it really doesn't sag much at all.
  7. although i'm not that comfortable carrying a handheld bag, i love speedy but i decide i would only have one.
    that is the cerises speedy. i love it but only use it on a light day, not a heavy busy days :p
  8. I have a monogram Speedy 30 and it has sentimental value for me: it was my first designer bag.
  9. I'm gaga for anything by LV. :drool:
  10. I love speedies! I have the mono 30 and Epi red 25. Check out the LV forum - speedies are very popular around here!
  11. This belongs to the lv sun forum
  12. I am a speedy FREAK! I have a mono 25 and it's my favorite bag ever. I love the size and just love the bag over all.