Gaga over Givenchy (pix loaded reveal)

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  1. Anyone out there? ;)

  2. I am ! What's in those bags ??
  3. YEA!!! My first LIVE Givenchy reveal! :popcorn:
  4. I'm going to sleep soon! What is that? Nightingale and a pandora? :smile:
  5. image-4102324966.jpg
  6. image-3781426933.jpg
  7. Oooh you're spot on!
  8. image-243698908.jpg

    Medium Nightingale sheepskin with gunmetal hardware
  9. image-1622710390.jpg

    Medium Panda in dark green sheepskin with gold hardware.
  10. STUNNING!!! Congratulations!!!
  11. I like that it's textured with two different browns ;)

  12. Amazing! I am so on board with you. I love the green color of your new Panda, but I am even more fond of the dual browns on your Nightingale.

    Both of these bags will be perfect for Fall. Well done, congrats on your new additions!!
  13. I've turned the same colour green as your Pandora! Very jealous!
  14. Lovely bags! The green is so beautiful.
  15. the colors are TDF!