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  1. Is it just me, or does this girl look positively vile?

    I'm all for high-fashion models, and realize the difference between "pretty" and "interesting," but this is just about the worst picture I've ever seen.
  2. agreed. =\
  3. I think she looks very high fashion. High fashion is ver conceptual is doen't literally transalte to the street or real life.
  4. umm, have you seen the male model in the men's S/S '07 catalogue and elux? He's middle aged and looks mean :wtf:
  5. uhh. I AGREE with you, theres a diff between advertising and looking faint and unhealthy (no offense)
  6. I agree.

    Also, i don't think she's "unhealthy"... it's just the makeup. Eg. DuJuan who was also on the runway looked....not so but she really is a very pretty girl if you dress her right and smudge her face with the right products
  7. She's actually cute, but she looks grumpy!
  8. She has man features
  9. omg....i was thinking the exact same thing everytime i see his pic on elux! :wtf:
  10. I agree. I don't see how thats the worst picture you've ever seen... I think she is very pretty and has wonderul features.
  11. :roflmfao: Thanks for the laugh! You're too funny :heart:
  12. heh she looks fine to me, perhaps the camera caught her at a "off" moment.
  13. Too bad she doesn't look happier. I didn't know people in high fashion always had to look so depressed.
  14. It's very unusual to smile on the catwalk. A smile would take the focus off the clothes.

    I think she looks fine, surely not her best photo. She's not that heavily made up either, but what little she got kind of ads to her look.
  15. She looks miserable. Maybe she's hungry.