Gaffers Tape, Plasti-Dip, Sole Protectors and More: The Red Sole Project

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  1. #1 Feb 23, 2008
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    I did this "project" awhile back, but kept forgetting to post how it turned out....

    I got the idea of using Plasti-Dip from Brian's thread. Here's the link (post #46)

    gordon92 suggested using this and I thought "hmmmm.....I could try this." Having woken up one day with enough courage to do it, I went to Lowe's in search of the Red Plasti-Dip. However, they only had it it yellow. So off I went to Home Depot and alas found the Red Plasti-Dip. I asked the guy from the paint department on how to apply it and he assumed I was going to dip my "tools" in it, LOL! but when I told him I was planning on using it for the bottom of my shoes, he gave me a perplexed, at the same time, "you're crazy" look :shame:.

    I decided to use the Plasti-Dip that you can paint on as opposed to the spray on. I also decided to use the sponge/foam brush since I know that it'll work well with this type of project.

    1) I wiped the bottom of shoes with dry paper towel
    2) I dipped foam brush into the Plast-Dip can and let the paint drip in can until enough paint is on the foam
    3) I applied evenly on the bottom of the CL (and I kept dipping foam into can as needed)
    4) I wiped the excess paint that got on the sides of the sides of the shoes with dry paper towel
    5) I let the shoes sit for an hour, before I applied the next coat
    6) I applied the Plasti-Dip about 4x total

    I was successful painting the bottom of my Black Simples that I also did it on my Beige Simples85, LOL! When I get a chance (and don't forget about it), I'll upload the pictures of the Beige.

    So here you go ladies...I took pictures of the Plasti-Dip in Red (perfect shade of red for the CL shoes), the sponge/foam brushes that I used and my UNUSED Black Simple 85mm.....

    (NOTE: the red paint looks uneven b/c it was wet, but the paint evened out when it dried out)






  2. Wow, interesting! Have you worn them out after the paint dried? Did the paint flake off? They look slippery, but probably because they were still tell!
  3. WOW, that looks amazing!!! very nice job wantmore!!

    I can't believe you tried it, I would have been waaaay to scared! go you! :smile:
  4. That's pretty neat! Do you have pictures of what the soles look like after they're worn? How much of it does walking tear through?
  5. Wow! :nuts: That is an almost perfect shade of CL red. Great job, wantmore. Have you worn them out yet, to see what the wear and tear on the Plasti Dip is, if any?
  6. Hehehe! I know! I just woke up gutsy one day and viola!

    Yes, I used my Beige Simples in the rain and it was NOT slippery at all. It's the same material used to rubberized the handles of the tools e.g. pliers, hammer, etc. I hated it though b/c it's been raining here in Los Angeles and my Beige got all wet. So when I got home, I let the leather dry out and I sprayed it with water sealant (same one I used for the LV vachetta and Balenciaga), LOL!

    The Plasti-Dip bottom hasn't peeled off since I've worn it 2x (Beige Simples).
  7. Wow that's so neat! I would be nervous to try this- you are so brave!
  8. wow thats amazing!!! I think they look great... and I think you're courage has swayed me to try it too! Off to Home depot I go!!!

    Ps But wait... do you think it will work as well on used shoes? I've only worn my declics twice but they are nice and scuffed up (these are the shoes I think i want to try out)
  9. I was reading the brochure on the their website and it looks like they say "A sandblasted or rough surface improves adhesion." So maybe worn soles are okay. You might want to take a fine sand paper to it (500 grit, or something) to rub off any dirt, because they also say "All surfaces to be coated must be free of all oils, grease, dirt, wax and loose rust."

  10. I think it will work better too if the bottom are scuffed up. As you can tell, I'm not a patient person and I couldn't wait to scuff up my shoes before painting the soles, LOL! GL! Please post pictures too when you're done.
  11. I had not heard of this product--it seems like a better solution than varathane--which is what I've used.

    I look forward to hearing how well it wears!!!
  12. This is so cool, wantmore! Thanks for sharing. I think I may try these. My decolettes and black simples are getting scuffed on the bottoms, but not that much. I am so gentle with anything that I really love. :p
  13. fabulous job,and a great idea to keep in mind if I ever get my first pair. Thanks for sharing.
  14. I need to look for this stuff! The back alley of my apartment has really messed up concrete and it's already thrashed my Simples.
  15. Wow!!! Not bad! Please update us after you wear them!