Gadino Madison: Thoughts?

  1. What do you think of this bag?
    It's called "The Madison." By Gadino - a cool Norwegian label that a TPFer posted about in the "under the radar" thread. I love it! It's head designer was responsible for Costume National Denim and currently works for Vivenne Westwood.

    I got inspired looking at that pink Tano from another thread to post my favourite pink bag.
    The Madison in the purple croc is also TDF!
    I'm smitten with both. Can't pick just one! :heart:
    What do you think ladies? :smile:
    Madison pink washed leather.jpg Madison purple croc.jpg
  2. Great styles - I prefer the pink because I am not a fan of croc and it looks more versatile, but I can see why you're having a tough time choosing! Do you know what the leather is like IRL?
  3. I haven't seen either but the pink wash looks so pretty and dainty - and the leather looks really soft.

    I'm not sure about the croc. I think it looks gorgeous and it kinda of does it for me in the way the Jimmy Choo patent Ramona in burgundy does for some reason. I just think it looks TDF!

    Anyone own a Gadino who can share their thoughts on the quality?
  4. I like the leather on the pink one. It's simple and beautiful.
  5. like a few other bags i've seen lately, it's reminiscent of the ramona, but since i love the ramona, i love this too!

    especially the pink!
  6. I went on the Gadino website but it doesn't say where these bags are sold or how much they are. Do you have any info on that? I'm really curious about the price point. As you can see, I really like the bag!

  7. I believe the bags start at about 150 Euros.
    Let me try to do some research. I don't know if they have a distributor in N. America yet but they really should, dont you think? :yes:
  8. Haha...CG, this might not bode well, but I just found out that Gadino also has a limited edition collection that's so expensive, Forbes wrote an article on them. The purse contains solid white gold and diamonds! In fact, it's listed as the most expensive bag in the world!!!

    Megs also gave it a write-up:

    This is also an interesting article I found on expensive bags:

    I believe their regular line is a lot more competitively priced though. :lol: 150 Euros is definitely affordable, but remember, that's where the prices start so maybe that is what it costs for a tiny clutch or something. ;)
  9. uh oh!!:shrugs::shocked:
  10. Oooo, another brand to look into :nuts: I love the purple one. It'd be a nice substitute for a Choo.
  11. Totally love it too!! The pink is gorgeous:heart:
  12. did anyone manage to find out where they can be bought, though?? I'd love the pink one
  13. That purple croc is absolutely GORGEOUS!