Gadino Handbags Being Carried By!! Yeah!!

  1. I was on my way to an appointment when I decided to check my email one last time. I'm so glad that I did as I just received word that is now carrying the Gadino handbag line! Awesome! Thank you Mischelle and Hilde.

    Here's the link.....
  2. :party:

    We can finally get one then!
  3. Don't forget about the 25% off new customer discount!
  4. Yes! However, I may have to wait for a bit because the Abigail is $925! Had I not bought so many bags over the past two months, I might be able to justify it. The other styles are smaller than what I prefer to carry. The Abigail measures 15.7" W x 9.4" H (17.7" if you include handles)....a perfect size! My favorite of all her bags is the pink Madison, which isn't available anywhere. Unless Hilde has changed her policy, she only makes one batch of bags so that each one is unique and special. For that reason, she decided not to re-produce the Madison.

  5. I already used my discount on the large black patent Erotokritos bag that I purchased last week! Ewwwww! Sorry, I hope I don't offend anyone who owns it, but it's not my 'cup of tea'!! Because it isn't returnable (final sale), it will sit in my closet with a few others! Sigh!:sad:

  6. Why dont you just sellit on eBay then? If its totally new it should be easy.

  7. I wish that were true!! Every bag that I've purchased and not wanted has been sold on eBay and many were relisted numerous times! They were all new, uncarried and in pristine condition, but selling them wasn't always easy. I have found that it's especially difficult if the bag is not one that I consider to be well known or popular. Check out the Ebay forum and you will see that many avid Ebay sellers are experiencing a drop in sales as of late. No one seems to be buying much these days on Ebay. Oh well, come December, I may end up taking that path as I'm certain this bag will never be carried. I'm only 5'2" and it really overpowers me. It really is huge!
  8. Well, regift it then hehe.... I mean if its new....

    no, I know it can be difficult some times.... its just that when you find something new... :smile: you know, gotta have it

    I'll be getting the small Gadino bag for sure,
    my new goal is to buy fewer bags of better quality, my last Balenciaga is a dissaster, the leather is ripped, the stiching is bad and I've been meaning to take it back forever but...
  9. FYI - this girl is looking at buying that Erotokritos bag. You may want to contact her.