Gadino Handbag Lover** Important Info/Update

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  1. For those of you who, like myself, have been salivating over the Gadino handbag, I have information on Hilde Gadino’s new collection. For quite some time now, I have been longing for the pink Madison, but determined early on that it was not available for purchase within the US. I decided to write to the company to discern whether one could be purchased through Gadino directly. To my surprise, I received a most warm and receptive reply from Hilde Gadino herself. As I confessed to her, I was not only overwhelmed, but I was humbled by hearing from the designer herself. With her permission, I am posting the letter as it contains updated information on her newest collection (including prices). Pictures are available on her website.

  2. That's really nice that she sent you a personal email. She sounds really down to earth. :smile:

    I understand where she's coming from by not reproducing bags to make them unique but I would be rather annoyed if she made my DREAM bag and I could no longer obtain one. I at least wish she did special requests, for those who go out of their way to try and find one and then email her as a last resort.

  3. She is one awesome lady, and I was astounded at how easy she is to talk to. Often times, people who have reached the level of accomplishment feel their self-importance and are quite aloof. She emailed me again on Sunday (twice) to give me the go ahead to post the information. Knowing what a wonderful person she appears to be makes me want to buy a Gadino bag even more!!

    I have to say that I was a bit disappointed about not being able to acquire the Madison, but I can certainly understand why, from a marketing standpoint she has chosen to limit the production. I favor the Abigail, and will more than likely order it in the forest green color later in the fall. It does remind me somewhat of Gerard Darel's 24 hr. bag. Already having a GD bag, I am trying to avoid buying something similar.... but then, I have nothing in forest green either. That would be nice if I could custom order the Madison...but I wouldn't want to pay an inflated price along with it. Oh well,,,,,,,do ya think that there will ever be on for sale on eBay??LOL!
  4. Definitely keep checking eBay!

    The Marketing standpoint of this has two sides. It's cheaper to limit the production and it allows everyone to have a unique bag. However, it also keeps her bags in demand, causing them to have an inflated price on eBay (if they ever pop up there).

  5. This is true! Oh well, perhaps I will eventually find another bag like the Madison....I certainly will keep my eyes open.
  6. Oh my, I love all of those! Which one is the Madison?

    It says something about custom ordering on the site, does that mean she'll design a bag just for you?
  7. [​IMG]

    How very nice!

    I found a picture of the Abigail bag too, and I agree it's gorgeous!
  8. Hi LadyV...don't you just love her handbags? So classic!!
    Hilde is such a nice lady, and she personally responds to your emails!! That is very least from my experience. I would assume that she will custom-make a handbag for you. Why don't you email her to inquire about it. Although the Madison is no longer available, it is still pictured on the Gadino website under the Accessories tab (pink bag). Isn't it gorgeous?
  9. Bagachondriac, Did she really say they could custom make bags?
  10. No...I'm sorry, she did not say anything about custom ordering and if I implied that in any way, I apologize. LadyV had asked the question as to whether she would custom-make a bag after which I suggested that she write to her. I posted her second email to me, but I'll post the first one where she speaks of working out an agreement to sell within the US.

  11. Ok, thanks for posting this thread, though!