Gabs- G3

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. What a great bag! I love it!!!
  3. i recently spotted one of these bags and was amazed that it's 3 bags in 1 !!!
    does anyone know of vendors who sell gabs bags beside forzieri?
  4. I picked one up a month or so ago at Loehmann's for about $60 + tax. It's cute, but both the canvas and the suede are major dirt magnets so I have to be careful with it...
  5. I have this bag but the canvas gets really dirty. As there is leather on the other side I cant just throw it in the machine. How on earth do I clean this thing??
  6. try a tide stain stick. i just copped a leather (looks patent)one for 50. it is quite adorable and i like the boxy style the most.
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