Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade

  1. Hmm, this is old, but maybe she has a handicap.

    Gabrielle Union’s Drugging Details, Dwayne Wade’s **ck Comes First…

    HSK Exclusive - While Dwayne Wade and Siohvaughn Funches continue to be at odds over the estranged mother’s visitation rights with her kids, the Miami Heat shooting guard’s real concern should lie in the welfare of his sons while in Gabrielle Union’s presence. That’s because sources exclusively tell HSK – in addition to not giving a damn about the young boys, the actress continues to be a tormented party girl who uses crack-cocaine.

    You may remember just days ago, we first told you about Union’s initial meeting with a very married Wade is what ultimately led the baller to divorce his wife of 11-years, Siohvaughn. That’s before a judge granted Wade sole custody of the two sons they share – leading Wade to take the boys to Florida, where he and his sons now live under the same roof as Gabrielle Union.

    Now, many are left wondering – what could lead a man to not only leave a woman he’s known since his childhood, but also take the very children they share with him in the process?

    We’re told the answer is simple. Not only is Wade an obvious weak man, but Gabrielle Union is reported to be a tormented soul who looks the other way when the baller wants to play.

    Sources are pointing to the ‘Single Ladies’ star, Lauren London, and ex-girlfriend of Marcus Camby, Andrea ‘Punkin’ Juarez, as just two of the known jump-offs Wade’s bedded during his relationship with Union. And, while the dog’s away, we’re told Union leads a cocaine-fuelled party life with BFF Kelly Lee, the ex-girlfriend of Steve Rifkind.

    Here’s the drop:

    Gabrielle Union and Kelly Lee are tight. You are your company, right? Well…Kelly Lee runs a Cancer foundation, yet she sniffs cocaine. They’re both party girls who don’t take care of their responsibilities. Nuff said.

    Gabrielle doesn’t give **** about Dwayne’s kids. She doesn’t care what HE does either. She’s only
    with him for the celebrity.

    Last year, Dwayne was smashing both Lauren London, and Andrea ‘Punkin’ Juarez – and Gabrielle knew all about it! He even moved Andrea from Miami to Los Angeles, and he’s now footing the bill for her to go to school!

    To Wade, the convenience of being able to to do whatever he wants – without having to answer or explain – is what keeps him with Gabby. He’s obviously only thinking about himself, not the kids, it’s all about him.”

    With Union being a woman who appears to have no problem with taking another woman’s husband and children as her own, the actress could very well be using drugs to dodge having to confront her demons. But insiders say the actress was damaged long before her days in the spotlight.

    We’re told back in the early 90′s, when Union was working as the manager of a Payless shoe store, she became a victim of rape. That’s beyond disturbing and something no woman should ever have to experience, yet it still doesn’t give Union a pass to damage the lives of others for what was done to her. Don’t believe me.. Ask Siohvaughn Funches.
  2. Can't lie that was a really good speech she gave. She's still dumb fro staying with a dog though.
  3. If you're going to be a jump off at least be the jump off who uses the baller to get an education. Juarez seems to know that few groupies make it to the big leagues. The big leagues being the wives seating section
  4. Right...I'd pay for law school or start my own business
  5. good job milking that man for school
    is that how Gabby recently got so skinny?
    i heard about those Lauren London rumors
  6. That Siohvaughn Funches name gives me all kinds of hiccup whilst pronouncing it... really they couldn't even stick to the original Irish name Siobhan? I mean... why?

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  9. Damn. I had no idea Dwayne recently had a child with another woman. Interesting. I guess some men can do whatever the eff they want without any consequences.

  10. It's all good. Two down 3million more to go and he is mine. Lmao
  11. I agree.
  12. I know. It's the most ridiculous version of Siobhan that I've ever heard.
  13. Haha, that hat on his head makes me think, Adebisi from Oz or Damon Wayans from Men on Film and Art..


  14. the original Irish spelling is no better or less ethnic imo than her spelling

  15. And isn't it still pronounced the same way?? I don't see why it would be harder to say!