Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade

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    LOL a victory For Homewreckers

    Siohvaughn Wade, the estranged wife of Dwayne Wade, filed a lawsuit against his girlfriend Gabrielle Union a few months ago for causing emotional distress to her children by doing ho x (Yes, that's the official legal term in Illinois) in front of them. In her lawsuit, Siohvaughn claimed that Dwayne and Gabrielle's display of "sexual foreplay" in front of her boys caused one them to lose some of his hair due to stress.
    The lawsuit made some of the professional home wreckers out there shake in their house stompin' heels, but they don't have to shake anymore! The Toronto Sun reports that a judge has sh** all over the lawsuit it and officially dismissed it. The judge cited "improper jurisdiction" which translates into: B***h, handle your own mess.
    Gabrielle's lawyer had this to say outside of the court house in Illinois: "The allegations against Ms. Union are completely false and do not belong in the Illinois Court System."
    That means Sienna Miller, Fantasia and LeAnn Rimes can keep on running their bull dozer vaginas through planned community after planned community without having to worry about a stupid lawsuit clogging up their motors. Victory!
  2. I cant look at dwayne the same after what he did to his wife... the woman supported him for YEARS until money changed everything. now she's all mentally unstable and crap too, and he's trying to act like he's some perfect father and the stress he put her through had nothing to do with her seeming breakdown. BOOOOOOOOOOOO dwayne. I wonder why such a huge percentage of athletes seem to be dirty dicked dogs :/
  3. There was also a lot of issues with the case, since Ms. Wade never showed up in court, was found to be emotionally unstable herself, and if I recall, Dwayne ended up with temporary custody of the kids.
  4. Yes, her case was dumb and she did it the wrong way by talking about her kids instead of her marriage in the case. I mean she threw her boys in the middle of the case, which made them the only witnesses, she couldn't prove a thing. I would've thrown it out too, and I'm all for suing the mistress, but have a real case 1st. I do know that Gabby pull an Alicia and was friends with Mrs Wade first, if I'm not mistaken.
  5. I'm sad for his wife. If she truly is mental then he's pretty much tortured her . . .
    athletes often turn into dogs because of the money and opportunities.
    I've told about my BFF's DH being an NFL coach; well, I used to be shocked everytime I'd go to a game. We parked in players/coaches lot which is fenced, and would walk by yards and yards of beautiful women screaming at them. It's crazy!

  6. I know I've witness that as well. I actually knew a couple groupies for the Dallas Mavericks and Cowboys and they just want to be the "new" Wife or just want all their bills paid. The ones I ran into wants bills paid because they never really want to be in the Wife's postition, unless they fall in love with him.

    I feel really bad for Mrs. Wade as well because this whole thing has her unstable and she can't even manage her emotions to really think clearly (I believe). I saw that Basketball wives documnentary on VH1 and I couldn't believe that D.W would treat the woman that has been there for him since he was 15. I couldn't have the heart to break up the family that took me in and took care of me when I was just teen and had no place to live. Falling out of love is human, but there is a right way and the wrong way to go about things.
  7. This
  8. Me either!! Or Gabrielle like what is it!! Why cant you get your own man?? I am going through the same thing right now with my ex..We were not married but I used to post our pics and stuff on Fb and a certain co worker of his used to be like you guys are so cute blah blah and now the rumor is they are dating and she is horrible in the face and all around lolol But she seen me and him were happy and she did everything in her power to break us up!! Hacked into my fb. To tell him who was inboxing me and so on and so on. But I felt like if she was gon work that hard to get him she can have him and he fell for it so they belong together just like Dwayne he is just as gulity as Gabrielle I thought him and his wife were very happy a long time ago!! UGH HOMEWRECKERS!!! HATE THEIR GUTS! L0L0L But oh well cause it will come back on them. Why do they think that if he leaves his girlfriend for u dont u think he will leave for the next good thing that comes along???? Come on Now!!!
  9. Gabby has a habit of loving men and leaving them heartbroken if rumors are to be believed. She seems perfect for him, maybe he'll get a taste of his own medicine down the line.
  10. I do not want to believe this!
  11. NOT GABBY! Ugh! Why Gabby! As a young African-American women I really looked up to her (use to be Halle Berry before she went a little cook a doodle doo.) She could do so much better than Dwayne.
  12. I honestly believe What comes around, goes around!!!
  13. Totally agree. I think it's easier said than done though. You may already find yourself inlove with a new person, but at the same time you're trying to hold on to your highschool sweethard and long term partner. Breaking up such a relationship has got to be difficult.
    I don't know nothing about the Dwade, Gabby & Sio situation, but judging by all of your comments, I'd think that Gabby was friends with Sio and still pursued Dwade? One could say "You can't fight true love", but it still feels very very wrong.

    Off topic: Gabby does not look 37 at all. :weird:

  14. Nope I didn't know Gabby was 37.

    The only "right way" I can think of (besides not to cheat at all) is honesty. I rather my spouse come to me and tell me what they are feeling before he starts to make actions/decisions on his own. I rather hear the truth and my spouse RESPECT me and love me enough to say "hey I don't want to hurt you any more than I already have, but I rather "TRY" to work out my marriage FIRST and get counseling." I just rather have the option to deal or not to deal with whatever nightmare my marriage is going through rather than my spouse blind side me and say he is leaving me for another woman or just leave and I find out about some mistress. (BTW I believe that's how Pitt did things with Aniston, but she chose not to deal with him since he clearly had strong feelings for another, so she filed for divorce. Just a wild guess). To me just being able to have that option (to work things out or not to work things out) is the right thing to do and to give to the wife/spouse. It could cause a lil less drama, and head games. JMO!
  15. I feel like that's happened to almost all baller relationships.

    It's really sad, but I think it says a lot about a person. I can imagine that it's extremely difficult to have your life change THAT drastically, but I think everyone is ultimately responsible for their own actions.