Gabor brand shoes: how are they? What do you think of these shoes?

  1. Hey you guys,

    I just bought a whole bunch of stuff at Old Navy and Gymboree, so I can't buy the pair of boots that I was looking at on Zappos since my US bank account is pretty much drained, lol :shame:

    I've been looking at some German shoe sites and noticed that Gabor also makes shoes in wide widths, and they're pretty nice! :yahoo:

    I can't wear very high heels because: 1) I'm not used to it and 2) I'll be walking on cobblestones all day and it's just not practical.

    So, here are some boots & shoes i've been looking at:



    Also, could you wear the last shoe with a jeans pant? I know nothing about this stuff :shame:

    Are Gabor good quality shoes?

    Do any of you have any experience with them?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Not 'real' experience, but I see them often in shops/on people around here. They seem to be well-made enough, but overpriced for what they are: they tend to have manmade soles and textile lining (both are a big no-no for me). Also their leather is quite unremarkable; looks tired and sad when 'broken in' a bit, so they don't age too well. And, (sorry about it!!!) in my opinion they look a bit frumpy and outdated: they'll add years to your age (which is OK only if one is 15:smile:). Maybe it's those square toes and mumsy tailoring Gabor seems to be stuck with for ever...
    I'd rather advise to get something in a classic, elegant riding style (Chelsea-boots look slim even on wide feet), or a well-cut lace-up boot; they'll never look dated but always smart & classy. In the long term it's worth to pay a bit more for really good leather + leather soles & lining - not only they feel totally different, you'll get a LOT more use out of them (and they won't look like dog's dinner after a month's wear).
    Try, they got some fabulous flat, slim ankle-boots (Just ordered one myself yesterday...:rolleyes:)
  3. agree have seen them in munich and all the models really looked outdated (and definately are considered grannyshoes) and not really well made.. better save some and then go with a pair of classic well made pair of shoes. it pays in the long run
  4. Thanks guys...I was thinking along the same things as you were, but those were seriously the only decent shoes (ie. made from leather) that I could find in my size / width.

    It's so difficult for me to find shoes :sad: I'm not looking for anything super fashionable, more something that'll be a classic shoe that I can wear to class, shopping, and to business meetings.