Gaaahhh!! Missed it!

  1. So I've been patiently waiting for a large Carly with Chambray trim to show up on eBay and of course tonight I find one, yay!! It even had a reasonable BIN price so I put it on my watchlist while I went back through the auction to look closely at the pics and see if any damage is listed, etc. I go back and it is gone :crybaby:The seller ended the auction for who knows what reason. That's what I get for being careful, lol. Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be but I'm still :sad:
  2. That's happened to me A LOT. I always watch auctions until closer to the end, just to be cautious. More often than not, I end up missing out on them. Though I suppose hubby would consider that a good thing. ;)
  3. that sucks, i'm sorry! i know how you feel!
  4. I ALWAYS miss out on good auctions! Lol! I put items in my watchlist and then just forget about them. Doh!
  5. I am so sorry!!! I hate when that happens... but don't worry another will come up!

    I have missed 4 auctions for the denim sig stripe shoulder tote!!!! I keep missing them at the last few hours and I am getting impatient!! I was planning on getting that and selling my sig stripe large tote...
  6. Ugh that sucks!! But is better to be safe then sorry! I have been looking for a specific wallet forever now. It is so rare, so it has been a slow going. Well one finally came up with a KILLER deal but I did not have the money to pay right then, of course!!, so I emailed the seller and made arrangements to pay for it in a few days. He forgot to remove the immediate payment so I had to wait. Well by the time he did and I went to get it some &@$%#^* got it :cursing:. It killed me :sad: But lucky for me another one came up yesterday :yahoo::woohoo: I am the high bidder so far, but I have a feeling I am going to end up paying an arm and a leg for it now :girlsigh:

    Sorry for the novel. I know you will find another one soon!! Good luck!!
  7. Thanks girls. It is good to know that you've all been there, it helps in my time of :hysteric::crybaby:

    I hope everyone gets their most sought after bags! (or wallets)
  8. oh no! :wtf: Maybe you could email the seller and see if they still have it? :shrugs:
  9. Good idea! I did email-it's probably futile but worth trying just in case!
  10. worth a try! ;)
  11. WWWOOOHH~the seller just contacted me saying that she ended the listing because a co-worker was going to buy but if the deal falls through, she will be relisting it. I hope, I hope!! ---where's that finger crossing smilie when you need it?
  12. Have you tried calling Jax? I remember i had ordered a large chambray carly and there was 1 left, then asking about the medium she said they had some left
  13. Keep looking!!
  14. I have this bag in Medium. Its my FAVORITE BAG!!!!!!
  15. It's probably a good thing...there might have been something wrong w/ it...though I'm still sorry you missed out. I'm sure there are a lot more more out ther waiting to be sold!!!