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  1. Is she selling real ones?
  2. G'aaaahhhhh!!! ((Is Yes))
  3. Dumb question # 1: Who is she?
    Dumb question # 2: How do you ladies know that hers are real?

    I'm not trying to be mean, I honestly want to know if hers are legit because I may buy from her in the future. Thanks!
  4. I have my eye on the blue one. If Balenciaga NY doesn't have the cornflower blue available when I call Monday to place my order, I think I just might have to add to my positive feedback :biggrin:
  5. How much is a Balenciaga medium city bag. Maeriam has the cornflower on ebay and if it is about the same price I think I'll just have my husband by that one. I also emailed lvr about the price of one. They only accept wire transfers for B bags. They are not aled to sell over the internet.
  6. I think Fayden bought her grenat Paddington from her! she looks legit to me.
  7. it would be a great addition to your collection *hint hint!* :lol:

    haha i just want to see someone buy it so i can live vicariously through them!!!
  8. the cornflower is so pretty :love: .

    but i was just wondering why the extra tassels for her pewter are in a circle...i read that that was wrong(?). but i've been told that she sells authentic b-bags
  9. I really love it but think it would be too big for me...I am so small boned:sad: It is so PLUSH! The handles remind me of a forest somehow, hansel and gretal.
  10. That pink B-bag is seriously cute! I don't have one?! hmmmm.....
  11. drool, drool, drool.....:wacko: