GA on my mind...(no reveal... just the pic, mam)

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  1. Johnnie inspired me. :graucho: Please don't mind the messily made bed... I am home ill today... No really. The Outlet is not far from my MD office LOL.

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  2. I'm so jealous!!! I want an Atlantic! What was the cost out the door????
  3. It was 399 plus tax, IDK what that made it. I also got a present for someone so that made it a math problem... I don't do math.
  4. So was it 50% off of $599 like the other Peytons???

    Congrats, she is so purty!!!!
  5. WOOHOOO!!!!!! bag twins!!

    *achieves master enabler level 2*

    congratulations on such a hot bag!! :yahoo:

    i was just showing this bag to my older sister, lisa... she just doesn't get it... she has been carrying the same coach bag for almost 10 years!! she was almost afraid to touch it and didn't understand me having the same style in different colors
  6. You brought a beautiful bag. I love the color.:biggrin:
  7. This is the prettiest Peyton IMO! Congrats!

  8. Get her online, maybe we can do an intervention!:roflmfao:
  9. so pretty!
  10. Thanks ladies.... I am looking forward to preparing her to carry!
  11. she's totally TDF :drool:
  12. Gorgeous!!!
  13. Does this mean you're looking for another Peyton??? Atlantic is SO PRETTY!!!
  14. LOVE that color!!! The lining is so fabulous...traditional Legacy lining. I sure miss those days... CONGRATS on an awesome, timeless bag!!!
  15. very nice