G21 stock

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  1. I haven't bought a Balenciaga bag in a while. Well, since they discontinued the G21 hw. However, lately I went to NM and saw that they got new stock/delivery of G21s. I saw part times, cities and velos in black and anthracite. In both G21 silver and rose gold hardware. Since I am a huge fan of G21, I have the opportunity to purchase the Anthracite Velo in RGGH bec it's such a lovely combo. I even saw a Sahara City in RGGH G21 but someone already purchased it. From what my SA told me, she had to really look for that one.

    My question is how come they got more G21 stock? Are these leftovers from warehouse or more likely, returns??? The leather is thicker and chewy from what I saw so these may be older stock.
  2. Which NM store did you go to? I can't believe they still have G21 bags!! I'd love to get my hands on one......or some..!!! =P
  3. They had white and black Cities and PT with RGGH in the London Mount Street boutique the other day
  4. The 2 Bal boutiques in Las Vegas had tons of G21 cities, part times and velos when I was there in June of last year.
  5. NM Short Hills had a few.

    Oh and I also saw several G21s in Balenciaga Bal Harbour in Miami last August.
  6. What?! Is AW possibly bringing back the G21s?! Someone please confirm this!!!
  7. WOW .. this is interesting!!! I can only surmise that it's old stock.

    Every once in a while, Balenciaga would canvas their various boutiques and retail stores to see what they have and quite literally, ask for everything back. They've done this before, and 'lo and behold, it seems that they then show up on the shelves again .. albeit, with the higher prices!

    I would caveat emptor this by saying that it would be best to be able to look at the bags IRL, especially as they are older stock (you want to make sure that it wasn't a return for a 'reason' .. KWIM?).

  8. Agree. I believe this is older stock and leftovers maybe from old inventory that gets passed around from store to store. And judging from the material (I saw all of them IRL), the leather was thicker and not the papery thin we've seen in newer Bals lately.

    Might want to check the bag IRL before purchasing. I will be picking up my Velo tonight, hopefully. The price is still the same Velo with GHW price.
  9. Has anyone seen any Envelope clutches in the old G21? I am desperately searching for one and haven't been able to locate one. TIA!
  10. oohhh...did they???? :graucho: