G12 Part-Time in Dune or Rough Cardinal?

Dune or Rough Cardinal

  • Dune GHW G12

  • Rough Cardinal SHW G12

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Sep 26, 2013
Hi all, I have the Part Time in Classic Black, perfect for fall/winter, but which I wasn't able to use this bag this past summer at all - the color is too dark! So I am looking for an alternative... yes, even though fall is already here and winter is approaching. Please help me!

Some thoughts:
- Color transfer. Rough Cardinal seems to be a better option here, but I am afraid it'd be too bright for me. But the idea of having a red bag is intriguing.
- Diversity in matching outfits. I tend to wear neutral, black/white/grey, no florals or pinks, thereby not sure about carrying a passionate, red bag.
- Longevity of use. I am 24, and want to have this bag until I am at least 34. Will the lightness of Dune sustain?

Dune GHW

Rouge Cardinal SHW
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Feb 19, 2009
Why only these two colors? There are tons of blues to choose from if you wouldn't mind owning a preowned bag and they haven't released this springs colors yet. There could be a good color there to choos from. It doesn't seem like you are too passionate about either of these colors. For sure the Dune won't last 10 years. It will get dirty. I had a Praline and it got dirty fast. There are a lot of fun tropically colors out there that are great for Summer/Spring. Also, if you're not too scared of it getting dirty, have you considered the Gris Glace, since you're looking for a Neutral? Or, if you want something more "loud" everyone seems to love the Ultraviolet and a great purple should be everyone's closet. Just some thoughts.