**G e r a r d D a r e l ! ! ! **

  1. Thank you!!! I love the small chain!
  2. Sigh...love...
  3. Tammy - I LOVE that one!!! :drool: Please post pics when you get it!!! :smile:
  4. Does anyone know it the price is about the same in Paris compared to the US?
  5. ^^From what I heard it's around the same (with exchange rate etc.) - so not too much of a deal...
  6. thanks. I'm really in awe about GD bags, and I sort of want to ask my cousin in Paris to go grab me one. But my cousin's a guy. I don't know if even sticks his nose into fashion. I haven't kept in touch with him for years. He might think I'm crazy. I'm trying to hold myself back 'cause I believe it's a bit of a stretch. :s
  7. I would do it if I were you. There are GD boutiques EVERYWHERE in Paris. It's not like he'd have to go far.
  8. I wish I knew about GD when I was in Paris last August :crybaby:
  9. I just wish I could find a Darel "36" hours bags. I'm beginning to lose hope. :cry: