G** d*** eBay - I hate you right now!

  1. I recently (today) put two AUTHENTIC bags on eBay. Both had a reciept and/or authenticity cards from the original purchase. They were real, 100%

    I got this in my mailbox when I came home.

    Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

    Thank you for your recent listing on eBay. Unfortunately, we removed the following item(s):
    xxxxxxxxxxx - AUTHENTIC Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Papillon 26
    xxxxxxxxxx - AUTHENTIC Christian Dior White Gaucho Medium Tote Bag

    The following information may help explain the reason for your listing(s) removal:

    Misuse of brand names, trademarks, and logos is both illegal and against eBay policy. This includes inappropriate comparisons to a branded item, selling counterfeit or replica items, and keyword spamming.

    Unauthorized replicas of brand name products are not permitted on eBay. It is both against the law and against eBay policy to sell replicas that have not been authorized by the manufacturer.

    Your eBay fees for this item have been credited to your account. All bidders on this item have been notified of its cancellation.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Repeated violations of this or other eBay policies may result in the suspension of your account.

    eBay understands that it can be frustrating to have a listing removed. If you have further questions, you can take the following steps:

    What fxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!

  2. ^^ hugs bunny, they did that to me too :sad::heart:

    p.s. e-bay's evil, e-bay's evil, e-bay's evil!!! :devil:
  3. i don't get it...do they just randomly pick it or does someone report it?

    and if they're sooooooooo good why is it that they take off the REAL auctions but let the fake ones continue?
  4. ^^ good question ms-whitney!!! :true:
  5. I am sorry you had that happen. I don't know why the fakes seem to pass the ebay sniff test.
  6. Is this a recent development? I sold about three LV bags on eBay during the summer and never received any emails like the one above.
  7. It seems to be random. I have heard that if it's a Vero email, that it comes without the auction having been targeted/reported by another ebayer and that if it's not, that it means that someone reported the auction, but I don't know if that's in fact the case and also, with thier new policies, it seems it's coming from ebay a lot more of the time with certain brands, especially.

  8. It is a recent development. In response to being sued by Chanel, et al, Ebay has decided to randomly target sellers who list LV, Chanel, Hermes, etc., and make them "prove" their ownership or the provenance of an item. Instead of targeting all of those counterfeiters, they seem to be targeting some of the best citizens of Ebay. :sad:
  9. Yeah I rememeber seeing your listings. stupid ebay. =/
  10. Hi, could you please watch your language?
    G** D***, F*******, AND bULLS*** is pretty inappropriate for a public Forum, especially one that doesn't allow foul language and is full of 16 yrs and under!
    Also, no one is permitted to post their eBay IDS or aution #s here.

    Sorry that happened to you, best of luck!
  11. Authenticity cards? :confused1: No such thing.
  12. I think it happen so much especially when people list it on Friday through weekend..

    I am sorry that you have to go through this..good luck to you..

    By the way, what Authenticity cards are you talking about?
  13. Ebay seems to be pulling auctions left and right. It is just that the legit sellers are getting slammed also. I think the OP is talking about the Dior bag with the auth card, not LV.

  14. Dior comes with cards. They have the date they were bought and the location stamped on the back. They come in a cute little envelope with care instructions as well. Sorry my phrasing wasn't so hot, I was PISSED when I posted and my brain wasn't working too swell.

    But yes, some brands come with them, look into it before saying they don't exist :smile:
  15. I have never seen an authentic LV handbag with an authenticity card unless you are talking about the little card that states the bag's style, etc.