G-Bag, which one to keep?

  1. I currently bought a G-bag in coral color during sales. Prior to that, i already own a same bag in blue color more than one year ago. I feel guilty of having 2 same bags in different color :p I'm thinking of keeping both or letting one go. If i let go one of them, which color shall i keep? Which color is more versatile? The blue color maybe requires lesser maintenance as it won't get color transfer issue. However, the coral color looks nice too, the color is more like a pinkish orange, not a loud color but yet it is a fun and lovely color.

    I would appreciate any advices :biggrin: TIA.

    P/S: Sorry for the messy background :cool:
    IMG_4933.JPG IMG_7335.JPG IMG_7962.JPG

  2. It depends very much on the colour of your cloths. If I had to decide for myself, I would keep the coral one. I wear mostly black shoes. That's the reason why I think a dark blue bag isn't so appropriate. On the other hand it fits well with jeans. It's all a matter of personal taste. But you have asked. ;) So I would keep the coral G-Bag.