1. Good deal!
  2. Wow, that's a good discount! The most I've seen for Silverados lately is 40% off...
  3. That's a great price....
  4. hmmmm! me thinks me likes!!!! :yes:
  5. Hi there

    I started the other thread about this - "what do you think of Silver Silverado" I am looking to buy one of these at NAP but really not sure of its popularity anymore and wondering if I'm just throwing my money away even with 50% off
  6. I would say different strokes for different folks. Why else would there be zillions of styles and colors of handbags?

    If you love it then that is all that matters :love:. And as far as concern for resale, when it begins as an investment of $700'ish, there is no way you won't at least get $500'ish if ever you want to sell it. $200 for carrying a fun bag can't be beat. Hard to buy a decent Coach bag for that :roflmfao:! Hang on to your original NAP receipt.

    So, I say go for it! Have fun and enjoy it! Some of my friends think my Paddingtons are butt ugly :lol:
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