1. I just got off the phone with CL Madison Ave NYC and they told me they got alot of Very Prove's in. I just ordered the 70mm in black patent!! :s And now its official I am on shoe ban
  2. Oh gosh.... does that mean nude...too???? Ecxuse me while I wipe my chin:drool:

    I wonder what other colors:yahoo:

    Ok girls, back away from the 38's and no one gets hurt:roflmfao:
  3. HAHAHA!!! She said a patent beigeish milky color:confused1:. She said she had alot i would try, I actually called for black simples and she said no but they should get more in
  4. I can't imagine what other color she could be reffering to. :confused1: Hummmmm
  5. A cross between beige and nude then?? Hmm.

    Congrats on the purchase Lo!
  6. I was at Saks today and they also received many new VP and NP styles. They have a few different color variations of the VP with the short chubby heel (I think these are 70mm?).
    I saw the beige color, I would describe it as oatmeal, it has a gold kidskin leather tip. It is a bit lighter than the usual CL beige, it is definitely lighter than the beige decolletes. It actually has a bit of shimmer to it (but not glittery like the new Yoyos). Sorry I hope that makes sense.

    There was also a new Numero Prive in the original heel that was grey glittery patent leather, with a black tip and black heel.

    They have lots of colors in the new glittery patent leather yoyos, pink, grey, blue, and many other colors.
  7. Did you like them:yes: Sounds like a pretty color
  8. ^^Honestly, I did not like them. But I didn't try them on. Often times, CL shoes look completely different worn than on display.
  9. Thanks for the honesty. was it the color?
  10. Kamilla the color sounds pretty the way you describe it....are the yoyo's 110's?

    Do you guys know the Saks by me doesnt carry CL' have to go to NYC or short hill (45 min) each....BOOO!
  11. Thanks Priin!!
  12. They don't sell them at your Saks? That's terrible!

    (LOL I sound like it's totally the end of the world...but still, that really does stink. :tdown:)
  13. These yoyos are the 85 mm heel I believe. BUT CL boutiques received the glittery patent leather yoyos in the 110mm heel, but it is a curved tapered heel, not the original straight heel like in the nude yoyos.
  14. ooo I can soo do an 85..thanks kamilla:tup:
  15. If the heel was straight on those glitter yoyos I would have had to break down , actually use credit (which I never do as a rule) and be a drooling owner of several.