Fyi :)

  1. I was just at NM Garden state plaza in NJ and they have some new colors and with GSH and RH, I saw the tomato, the dark grey color and ocean;)
  2. what is your opinion re: the tomato and lead?? is the lead really flat? is the tomato obnoxiously bright? i haven't seen any great pics yet, thanks!!
  3. The tomato is really really RED, like a tomato, haha, or a fire engine almost, its a really red red, its bright but not orangey which is nice, the ocean was a really nice color, with the SGH it looked good, and the lead is really dark like almost black

    noone of which i got that "I need this now" feeling from (probably why i got the truffle courier :p)
  4. yes, that is my fear with the lead - that's it's practically black! argh, why didn't they make it grey??? guess i'll jsut wait to see what happens when grape shows up!