FYI: USPS has eliminated international surface parcel post

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  1. Not sure if this has been discussed here already, but:

    I discovered today when I went to the PO to mail a package, that they have totally discontinued the international surface mail service-- this was done at the same time they did the postage increases across the board. This is the service that takes 6-8 weeks to go by ship overseas. I used this quite a bit for larger/heavier boxes going to friends abroad as it was a significant savings. Especially for xmas stuff, I'd get the gifts all ready ahead of time and send them off.

    I sent a package to a friend in Vienna today. This package would have normally cost about $20 via surface -- since that was no longer an option, I had to pay almost $40 for airmail.

    I am really pissed about this right now :cursing:
  2. so am i
    i always order wee wee pads in 100s for my dog and get it sent from america to aus through surface
    looks like i will have to pay almost double for airmail now
  3. Oh geez, that's just great. Well I guess I won't be shipping internationally anymore, I KNOW people who buy back issues of magazines from me won't want to pay that much for shipping. Sigh.
  4. Do none of the courier companies offer a surface method?
  5. ^for Canada anyways, using Fedex/UPS, the buyer will get hit with a ton of fees and it is usually more expensive than airmail. EMS used to come through a local courier which has worked well for shipments fom HK, but it looks like USPS now has something called EMI. I wonder if it will be the same?

    Too bad, it used to be really economical to get things shipped here with USPS, I will need to be careful with what I buy now.
  6. I don't know if other carriers have surface, if they do, I am sure it will be very expensive.

    As IF our environment needs MORE pollution from jet fuel too, shame on the USPS!
  7. A petition has been created to fight the USPS last year. I am the petition owner. If you wish to sign the petiiton please go to the following website:

    Please also spread the word far and wide!

    Thank you.
  8. Thanks for posting, Air Mail can get pricey for a heavy package.
  9. OT but...

    I used to buy pee pee pads from petedge and have it shipped to my country.

    I now find that those medical pads the ones they use under incontinent patients work just as well if not better.

    Maybe you can find some of them in the medical supply in your country so you won't have to buy pee pads from US?