FYI- Two New Fobs on Coach Stage Website

Dec 1, 2008
I too wish they'd made the new pierced pave fob in gold hardware as opposed to silver. I know the stylized C's are different, but I would SO prefer this almost-the-same fob in gold. I don't think I'll spring for it... it's just too similar.


Luvs Leather
Mar 21, 2007
These are really pretty but I wish they made these is gold or brass or whatever that is, LOL!

ITA!!!....Coach has such cute fobs, and they make plenty of purses in golden/brass HW. And I own mostly vintage bags which are pretty much all brass. Often the gold ones at the boutique are costly so I wait for a coupon to snag them.

ITA! I only carry bags with gold/brass toned hw and Coach seems to make gold/brass tone fobs few and far between.