FYI: Trunk show @ NYC flagship

  1. SA at the 57th Street store told me the runway bags will be there on 2/13. I think it's on the 3rd floor. Open to the public, starts at noon. I'm not going due to the fact that my buying the pink ostrich Speedy would indubitably end my marriage.

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  2. Oh but the 35 isnt as much, I put my name in for that one when we were at KoP.

    Do you live in NY, did you come all the way down to KoP for the meet up?
  3. Now that is interesting, maybe if hubby locks up my cc and I promise to be a very good girl I can at least go and look.
    Anyone want to meet for lunch?
  4. ^ITA:roflmfao: except it will be engaement in my case.
    To be honest, it's the only thing that caught my eye in S/S, however, i'll wait for the water color speedy IRL then decide if i want it or not....nowdays LE isn't so LE in LV, KWIM?:shrugs: Just look at 'LE' Vernis Heart, 'LE' Miroir, 'LE' Mahina XL, 'LE' Mono sophie (now it's EVA) not to mention 'Relaunch' Black inclusion and Blue Suhali Lockit:cursing: phew, thanks for letting me vent :p

  5. Wish I could be there!:p
  6. Yeah but the 35 isn't as beautiful, natch ;) Although the snakeskin-handle frame-style Speedy is pretty appealing....

    Yeah, I live in the city & just came down for KoP. I had never been and I LOVED LOVED LOVED that mall! And the SA's were SO nice there, although the last time I went to 57th Street they were super nice as well (uncommonly, in my experience). I DEFINITELY want to go back to that mall!!!
  7. Yeah I hear ya it is so much prettier but not to the tune of $2500 more LOL!

    Have you ever gone to Short Hills mall in NJ? It should be close to you. Wanna meet there for lunch and shopping one day? I am an hour away from that mall too but I like driving there more than KoP. I cant believe you drove all that way last Sunday.
  8. I dont think everything is the same. The Pomme heart is definitely, but not anything else exactly. The Eva looks fatter at the bottom, more flared than the Sophie. Plus the Eva is nicer I think because that darn chain really scratches the heck out of the brass tag on the Sophie. So that is a good change. They reall need to make it so that chain comes off all together. I hated the fact that it was permantly fastened on one end so I sold mine, LOL!
  9. Absolutely!! I was trying to get a Short Hills meet-up going for awhile, but DesigningStyle was WAY better at wrangling the ladies for the KoP meet. The only bad thing about SH is that there are only a couple of restaurants in the mall, so hard to meet up unless everyone's down for Legal Sea Foods! I am probably going to be going at some time next month...either to buy new pants in a bigger size (and admit that I'm just not going to lose the f'ing weight...) or to buy new pants in a smaller size (clearly the more attractive but least likely of the two options)!!
  10. Love the short hills mall, my SA for Nordstroms shoes was transfered there so that is where I head when I need shoes.
    Anyone want to meet for lunch for NYC trunk show?
  11. Joe's Grille is also pretty good at Short HIlls.. always a huge wait though.