**FYI**Trunk show at South Coast Plaza..

  1. The cruise collection trunk show will be held at Chanel S.C.P. on October 12th and 13th. I just found out tonight from my SA..:yahoo:
  2. Good!!! I can go on Friday!!!
  3. ohhh, i really really hope i can go. *prays*
  4. Aww I wish I lived there!! But thanks for the heads up!! ;)
  5. For anyone in the DC area there is a Trunk Show this friday and saturday from 10am - 4pm at Neiman Marcus in Tysons Corner. There is also a Chanel Beaute Event from 6-8 pm friday night.
  6. can anyone just go without an invite? what do u do when u go?
  7. yes, it's open to anyone.
    It's pretty much a preview of what's to come. There should be a rep straight from Chanel there to answer any questions and it's not by invite only at all ;)
  8. Thank you. Sounds like a fun outing for the girls.
  9. UPDATE** My SA said the show is from 10am-3pm and they will have models showcasing the new beauties. My invite says Oct 12-13, which is a Thurs and Fri.
  10. Oh, so it's an apparel trunk show?
    Or is it handbags and accessories?
  11. Hi Swanky,
    I don't know if there's going to be apparel also, but I know there are handbags and accessories for sure. I missed the last one in June so I'm not sure if apparel was on display. I'll call my SA and update.:yes:
  12. I haven't heard of models modeling bags, so I figured it was an apparel trunk show. . . I guess not!
    You guys must WAY outsell the Dallas market:yes:
  13. LOL Swanky this boutique is always packed. I could have been wrong when I heard her say "models" but I'm almost positive. Maybe I was just too excited and spaced out there for a little bit, but I will call and update the thread :P
  14. ^ not a good thing for us, swanky!! :]

    my aunt lives in addison and has such an easy time by comparison in finding the new chanels!! -she tried convincing me to transfer to SMU, i think that was one of the few (really good) reasons i would consider re-locating, lol

    -so we're NOT off the topic: can't wait for the scp trunkyyyy...!
  15. ... wait, clk55grl

    can i go too?? (i really want to... but have only bought a couple things from there! haha)