FYI- Trench at Burberry Outlets

  1. I got a Burberry trench tonight from the Leesburg Outlet for 261 with tax included. It was marked from MSRP 995 down to 499 and was an extra 50% off. I got the black. The tan was also on sale but marked to 749 with extra 50. I'll try and remember to take pics tomorrow but if anyone was looking... go! I don't know if they ship.
  2. They do ship! I work at the Niagara Falls Burberry outlet and we have the Harbourne trench that retailed $995, outlet price $729 then an extra 50% off that! $364 final pice. Sizes 12 and 14 left. Call and ask for me, because they can sip things on weekdays.
  3. What are the details on the 50% off sale? (what's included and how long) I still need a basic trench in black or tan but would also love ANYTHING in blue. Anything in a size 8? Thanks, Elise!!!
  4. Do you have their number and know if they ship? I would love one too, how's the quality? And is there any small size left in tan (if you remember)?

  5. I have called the Leesburg Outlet and they don't ship.
  6. I remember there being an 8 left. They also had styles different than what I got in black (sorry I don't know the names as I'm not a frequent Burberryer)
    sorry for the bad pics, my apt has too much sunlight which makes it near impossible for a self photo.

    and the interior button-in lining
  7. There were size 8's left in Leesburg, but apparently, they don't ship. I hate when some outlets in a chain do ship and some don't. I wonder if they do inter-outlet shipping?
  8. Was there anything else besides coats included in the 50 off sale like accessories-includ. boots, scarves, bags, etc...:smile:
  9. Scarves (didn't see any traditional print), clothes (mainly dresses), bags (lots of patent in green, yellow, blue, and pink) and matching wallets/smaller pouches. I also remember a white patent bag, and the rectangular totes. There was also a travel tote. There were a few watches out. Some boots were 50 off, most shoes were 25 including some traditional flats. There was also some sportswear and belts. I think that's it.
  10. Thanks for the info! :ghi5:
  11. NviedPrincess- love the coat on you!! Looks great!
  12. Lovely trench! Is this the Balmoral? If it is, I saw this in the London outlet last week - it was still £416! I can't believe US is cheaper the UK (although maybe I'm being naive...!)
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    Maybe it's so cheap because it's hot here. They had quilted jackets for $319, and I was thinking of getting one but said to myself, it's too hot I'll think about it later. However, when I saw the price on the trench (which was equal to 75% off) I was like yeah I'm just gonna buy it.

    And I don't know the name, I'll look when I get home later.
  14. Anyone know if the premium outlet in Orlando has any good sales this coming weekend?
  15. do the outlets carry scarves?