FYI: The fake I posted in AUTH. Thread

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  1. The fuschia Birkin 30 I posted last week......
    Is from one of your very own Hermes members! I posted the pics because she wanted to trade with my Cyclamen Birkin! Only becasue this person has been super nice will I not reveal her name........You know who you are!
    Unfortunately she is very well known and has every single one of you fooled. Good luck! I sure as hell am not taking the blame for this one.
    So girl you'd better come forth! Im sick of all of this ****!!:tdown:
  2. Oh Dear God :sad:
  3. Ummm.....yeah, shes all over H here and has an extensive collection.
  4. Are you implying her whole collection is fake? D:

    I didn't see the original post and I don't know who you're talking about, but that's a pretty big accusation...
  5. You say she tried to pass you off a fake yet say you won't reveal because she's super nice?? Makes no sense to me.....
  6. If what you are saying is true, you need to address it with the mods. Seriously. Please.

    I have a strong feeling this thread will go awry and get closed. But if there is somebody like that in our community, you need to let the mods know. Again, please.
  7. I'm assuming she's saying that the person wasn't aware this bag was a fake, and that's why she's not naming names? Because really, if someone knowingly tried to sell you a fake... Well. I'd be shouting about that one from the treetops, personally.
  8. oh my...

  9. At this point mooks.....I could give a damn if it makes since to you or not. You are the least of my concerns. Im giving this person a chance to come forth.
  10. UH oh~ ^^ it says banned under your name?
  11. ita!
  12. :shocked:
  13. So nice to know I was one of the few who gave you benefit of the doubt when you changed your mind about your Birkin....
  14. This is sad. :sad: Shame on you, whoever you are!
  15. ^^ oh, ok, LOL

    Can we please close this thread then? :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.