FYI: SALES at NJ Dior Boutique

  1. BTW as of this past Sunday, 7/1 - the Dior Boutique in Short Hills, NJ, had red and blue Gaucho totes and Gaucho shoulder bags at 50% off ($820-ish)! There were also some other cute saddles but I didn't really pay too much attention since I was only looking for a gaucho. I also saw some detective bags there too.
  2. thanks for the info! That's great to know!!!

    Did you see anything with flowers on them? =)
  3. Hmmm... maybe there were some saddle bags with flowers? Post a pic or link w/ pic and maybe I'll remember better!
  4. ^ GyrlLaney your key fob is so cute! is that the chloe` paddington charm?