FYI: REVOLVE Clothing Customer Service is Beyond AMAZING!!

  1. So, I ordered a Gustto from Revolve Clothing and returned it because it just wasn't the bag for me.
    I sent it back exactly as instructed and it seems the bag has somehow disappeared in the USPS process. It's been 3 weeks and still no sign of it. I just called Revolve and explained the situation and they completely refunded my account anyway. I am completely and utterly BLOWN AWAY! :amazed:

    *** Now THAT is Phenomenal customer service.***
    I highly recommend them to anyone. In addition they give 30% off your first purchase to all new customers.
    I'm sorry, in this day and age of *oh so often* horrific treatment of customers, I just need to say again:

    Revolve Clothing is utterly above and beyond EXCEPTIONAL!!!
  2. Thats great!
    Mind you, seeing as you had proof of postage (Im guessing) then yes, they should refund you anyway and make a claim for the lost item with USPS.
  3. True true... but it wasn't really, technically proof- it was the delivery confirmation label/number that they sent to use when making returns. It was a pre made shipping label too. It went in the after hours drop box at the post office. Technically no offical record of it being sent. :s
  4. they've always been so wonderful with my purchases... i :heart: them!
  5. I totally agree! They've been fabulous and I'll keep buying. Too bad they don't have an extra 30% off for happy customers, isn't it? :p
  6. i must add my 2 cents too regarding Revolve's AWESOME service. i bought the Mike & Chris Berkeley Hobo and received it in the mail rather quickly, even though i live overseas. i then decided the bag was too big for me so i returned it and since the website stated international returns work in the same way as domestic, i politely wrote them an email asking them if they'd reimburse the international shipping charges (it came down to USD$33, not that cheap) and yesterday i just received an email confirmation from them that my credit card has been refunded for that same amount!

    they're really great and they have lightning fast service!!

    i will definitely buy from them again and again.
  7. MauiMamma, that's fantastic!! I will definitely check them out.

    Is there a place on tPF that lists excellent online sites vs. horrible ones? I feel like really good customer service/great sales sites have to be rewarded with more customers/sales... and what better way to give them more sales than to billboard on a site like this? (it'd be great to nudge the poorer-performing sites too, when we publicly trash them :smile: )
  8. Great suggestion BlueGenes. Maybe we need to start such a thread or forum. Such tramendous customer service makes SUCH an incredible difference and vice versa... I really want to give credit where it's due!
  9. Great to hear that real customer service is alive and well. They went above and beyond to satisfy you. That is great!
  10. i am thrilled to hear about your revolve experience. i've had nothing but extremely efficient and cooperative communication and transactions with them.

    i also really agree that a forum about customer service would be terrific... sort of like the one about eBay that exists. i had a great experience with the Purse Store recently [] and wanted to give them some positive buzz in return.
  11. I have to agree about Revolve, they are amazing and I will definitely keep ordering from them!
  12. Update: My bag FINALLY arrived at Revolve. I still say they are phenomenal!
  13. I had a similar problem. A yummy Bulga 3 zip chocolate bag I bought in large for a super deal I found out about on here for 50% off and another 30% off never showed up! :crybaby:

    Revolve asked me to wait a month, then took the charges off my card no questions asked. Then they gave me an extra 10% off another Bulga bag (the large pudding flap in Rose) that miraculously went on sale yesterday for 50% off. So I actually got it for 60% off, plus another 30% for the new customer discount. :yahoo: Schweeet!
  14. AND they offer free international shipping!:yahoo: Unheard of!
  15. I'm not getting a clear answer on the 30% off code in different messages I read. I already bought a bag from revolve a couple years ago. I lost my password and can't get into my acct anyway. My question is, Is my husband using his email, who lives with me and has the same address but a different cell phone number a NEW customer? He really really wants a bag this fall...LOL OR is it better that My Sister who signs up for an acct and really really wants a bag this fall too, but doesn't have a credit card but just happens to have a loving sister who does, and will pay for her.
    Are you following this? LOL Which is the better hypothetical situation?