FYI: Pomme' d'amour vernis......

  1. For me anyway isn't all its cracked up to be:sad: I bought the Pomme d'amour vernis pochette wallet a couple of days ago and returned it today. It's amazing how it shows tons of foggy fingerprints all over it:shame: Dont get me wrong, the color is just TDF but the fingerprints really were a turn off for me. So.......I got the damier azur french purse to match my azur speedy instead!!:nuts: :yahoo:
  2. Sorry it didn't work for you. I never thought about fingerprints being an issue, I don't have any vernis items. Nice job on getting the azur french purse! Show us some pics!!
  3. Oh no, that really stinks!! Sorry to hear that. Has anyone else had this problem with their pomme pieces?
  4. I'm sorry to hear that! I have the pochette wallet too, and the 4 Key holder in Pomme and I haven't noticed that at all.
  5. I never even thought fingerprints cause I have a framboise vernis agenda....they dont show at all:shrugs:
  6. Yeah that is my number one complaint with my Pomme french wallet, but I figure it'll be that way with any of the Vernis colors. I love my wallet too much to care about the prints, just lots of wiping!
  7. Yeah..I get them on a couple of my pieces but it doesn't matter because they wipe right off.
  8. I just got my pomme items two days ago and nothing is showing up yet, I'm sorry you weren't happy but the Azur is gorgeous. Please post some pics!!
  9. I have the cles and I do see the finger prints a lot in the "reflection" (I guess because it is sooooo shiny) but like Rebecca said they wipe right off.

  10. Yep:yes: Pics will be coming soon. I just ordered the multicolor charms to go on my azur speedy, so when I get it all put together I'll post all of my new goods!:graucho:
  11. if my vernis items have fingerprints on it, I never noticed....
  12. Sorry that id didn't work out..I guess it's common for vernis but like Rebecca can just wipe it off..well..I love anything red so fingerprints isn't an issue.
  13. Congrats! ;)
  14. well congrats on your new azur piece! pics pics pics please!
  15. Next time I think I listen when my SA tries to talk me out of an item for a good reason. She warned me, lol. It all turned out really good though!