FYI: Plomb = Grape

  1. at Bal NY. i just pre-ordered a city with RH (which is due to arrive between July and October :wtf: ) and they are calling it GRAPE! hopefully, it's a cooler color than grape, yukey.

    BTW - what kind of a window is July-October??? that's worse than the cable guy! :sad:
  2. I thought Plomb was supposed to be lead grey???
  3. I hope they weren't misunderstanding you and thinking you were saying plum. I wouldn't want you to end up with a violet bag. Maybe you should double check and try calling it charcoal or something instead.
  4. i never thought about that! i spelled it out, do you think she misunderstood me and thought i meant VIOLET???? great - why dont' they have the same names, it's their own frickin company!! argh :cursing:
  5. Terry told me this morning that the plomb was a gray w/blue undertone ?
  6. This thread caused my head to spin! I called Balny right away to make sure that I was on the correct list. Grape=Violet! They must have missunderstood you. Thank the Lord I am on the right list. Major adrenaline rush.

    Plomb= greyish blueish she said
  7. I'd call to make sure! The first time I called BalNY to order my Vert D'eau the SA was about to send me Vert GAZON until I clarified "the color closet to Seafoam". Sometimes the SA's aren't familiar with the original names.
  8. great, i'm calling them now to clarify... will report back!
  9. so sorry everyone. i just got off the phone with yet another SA - plomb = steel. they should really all call the colors what they are and not make up their own version! sheesh

    so again, sorry to give everyone a heart attack. my bad:sad:
  10. ^i agree!

    & even worse, other places will call the color a diff. name! (i.e. vert d'eau at balny = seagreen, at AR = mint).:push:
  11. How funny this thread came up! I was just thinking yesterday that Violet is not the deep, dark purple I was hoping's more the color of those soft grape candies!

    I realize I was actually hoping for a darker shade of eggplant. :sad:
  12. Not at all! I'm so glad you said something to warn us...if it were the case, we'd definitely have wanted to know, and the way it turned out might have saved you some angst in August!
  13. It would be nice if they could just pick a color name and stick to it, and if everyone who sells BBags other than BalNY could use the same color name. Different color names make it nearly impossible to ask for a bag over the phone if you are calling Saks or NM (for example, Saks calls Aquamarine Turquoise. I have no idea what NM calls it).
  14. I think plomb is not violet...usually it shld be called violet if that's the color u want...if not, u can check out the thread which incoralblue recently posted here re : to all the new seasons color......:smile:
  15. I may help you:
    english"grape"="raisin" in french it also means violet(purple) for a color.
    english"lead"="plomb" in french,what is a deep grey also named anthracite