FYI: photographing lookbooks at LV boutiques.

  1. I stopped by my LV boutique on Tuesday for the spring trunk show with a fellow pfer. Unfortunately the bags were held up in customs, but a few new pieces were there- so we sat down to chat with our SA to thumb through the new lookbooks (with bigger pics) and place our orders from the new spring line. My SA then asked if we have ever been on TPF, we said yes, and she then proceeded to tell us that she got in major trouble for allowing a customer to photograph the lookbook, because the photographs were posted on PurseForum. As it turns out the lookbook is now being taken away from our store. I feel horrible that she was repremanded due to TPF.

    I recommend that you never photograph your boutique's lookbooks, not only because it effects the SA, but also the boutique and all of its customers.
  2. Wow... That is sad to hear. Thank you for the information so we will not be locked out of the LV lookbooks again!
  3. HERE HERE!! :smash: I second your statement! I was so shocked when our SA told us that, but its important to know. I know people want to share images from the look book, but we don't want to get the LV staff in trouble, so hopefully, people will keep that in mind next time they see "the book". case people didn't know, the Tinkerbell bag is SOLD OUT! I was pretty sure it was going to be popular, but I didn't think it would be THAT popular. Saw the Dentelle, hated it, I think the thread will snag on things, get ripped, and look awful. The epi was nice, but some of the pieces they were showing were already scuffed:wtf: So...I wasn't that impressed. I just started looking towards fall, and talked about some RTW with our SA.
    BUT...the moral of this story is, like mmcmurgan said, Don't photograph the lookbooks!
  4. I agree! I never take pix inside the boutique, not only is it wrong imo, I also think it's a bit intimidating and embarrassing.....
  5. obiously someone that visits the pf spilled the beans:sneaky:
  6. Sorry to hear that someone got in trouble. Whenever I see "inside" information here, I often wonder if someone is going to burn for it.
    Wow...The Purse Forum is like the "60 Minutes" of the purse world.:roflmfao:
  7. i think i saw a pic in somebodys post in my thread, SS O7 bags........... that is just too bad........
  8. oh I feel sorry for the SA I hope she doesn't get into too much trouble,

    I guess visits to LV will now have to includ a pencil & paper and as soon as we leave we can sit and scribble like crazy all the new bags
  9. :yes:
  10. WOW That's does suck. Sorry guys!

    Interesting though that someone from LV is monitoring and tattling on tPF. However, I just wish they would take some of our design advice now! LOL
  11. nobody should've mentioned this forum in the first place.... discretion is a good thing :yes:
  12. Yes, its really hard, but I've been very vague about where I get my information and things such as that with my SA. I hate to play dumb but I would like to stay out of trouble!

    I had exactly the same opinion of the Dentelle wallet I saw! I just felt that those metallic threads were just waiting to get pulled and to fray. Now I have to go find the Tinkerbell bag, I don't know which one that is...
  13. If we could lock those types of posts to members who have been here long might be okay, but it's really sad an SA got in trouble and the store lost their ability to showcase upcoming items to their clients.
  14. i think that the tinkerbel bag is the smallest of the multicolor polka dot bags... its featured in ELLE this month. Now that its sold out, i too must find one. You always want what ya can't have, ya know?
  15. Well...its not really all that easy. In fact, people FROM our LV store are on PF, and it sounds like people from LV headquarters are on as well...its not as if PF is a big secret:ninja: , people clearly know about it, and are paying attention to what is being posted. Whats more important is that we learn from this mistake, and make sure that SAs and stores aren't punished because of our actions. AND...we actually didn't even mention PF, our SA asked us about it:yes:(if that's what you referring to).