FYI- NM About to Receive BIG shipment of Reissues!!!! Preorder Now!!!!

  1. I just got the call that a shipment of Reissues is about to hit NM.

    Here is what they are expecting but you must call now to reserve your slot. You can call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 or PM me for Lisa's email address.

    Here is what they are about to get in:

    1. 2.55 Med. Classic Metallic Silver, with Silver Hardware $2695.00

    2. 2.55 Small Classic White Crackled Calfskin, with Aged Gold Metal Hardware $2425.00

    3. 2.55 Med. Classic Black Crackled Calfskin, with Aged Gold Metal Hardware $2695.00

    4. 2.55 Large Classic White and Black, with Aged Gold Metal Hardware $2850.00

    They also have the Gold Metallic Small 2.55 Reissue with light gold chain for $2425.00 Available right now!

    Remember- in order to preorder, they will need payment/shipping information so that they can send your bag right now as soon as they arrive.

    Happy Shopping Everyone!
  2. Lisa also sent me pics of the Beige Exotic Spirit Chanel Flap for $3450.00

    So gorgeous!
    100_1476.JPG 100_1477.JPG 100_1478.JPG
  3. geez that is gorgeous and i'm not usually an exotic fan... seems like a good price too!
  4. ^Me too, not a fan of exotics but that's soooo pretty..Love the colour!
  5. :nuts: Thanks for the info!!!
  6. Thanks so much for the heads-up!

    I'm just a bit confused....are the aforementioned reissues the re-release of the 2005 anniversary black distressed/crackled calfskin reissues with gold h/w (not the metallic reissues other stores are getting)? Is there a A__Y__ code or photo available for the reissues NM is expecting? TIA!
  7. :ty:I love how everyone helps each other. I just need to get more familiar with what the bags look like so I can take advantage of all this info!
  8. Jag : thanks for posting it! Lisa is a wonderful SA, i love her...hehe

    I have the same question abt the description, does crackled calfskin means those 2005 anniversary reissue but with gold h/w?

    Btw, i forgot abt the medium size, does it means 226 or 227?
  9. Thanks for the info. :smile:))
  10. The medium for reissue refers to 226 =)
  11. thanks sweetie, got it:tup:
  12. Yep, Lisa also called me about these and sadly I had to pass on it. I hope a tpf-er will get to benefit from this!
  13. OMG..... A dream come true. 2.55 black, distressed calfskin, gold hardware.......... I'm wait listed in several spots.......... ::::::::I'm doing the happy dance::::::::::::::::yahoo:

    BTW..... What are the dimentions of the small as compared to the medium? Also will the interior of the bag be burgundy?
  14. THANK you!!
    appreciate the info!
  15. Crackled calfskin is not the same as distressed calfskin. I really think these must be the same black metallic w/gold hardware that Personalshoppers currently has up for auction.