NM and BG markdowns, plus free shipping

  1. just checked both sites, and they have a lot of new markdowns, including some hogan, botkier and kooba.

    free shipping at NM on orders over $150 with OCTSALE (today only); free shipping upgrade at BG with code UPGRADE.
  2. Thanks!

    I just checked, many Koobas on NM online are for 25% off now, including Sienna, Carla, Sarah, etc. Really worth taking a look!
  3. thank you. It seems like most of (all of ?) the items BG has,
    NM has them and NM has more items, plus free shipping
    so why not ordering from NM! (first I was going to order from BG
    but realized NM is better deal)
  4. BG does not have sale tax for some states, :smile:

    So if I know I really want a bag (not just want to 'see' what it is) and BG has it with the same price as NM, I'll order from BG. And I think they do have free shipping codes from time to time. Does 'WELCOME' still work?
  5. you could try 'welcome'....i have a harder time getting free shipping from BG, unfortunately...but shipping is still cheaper than tax :smile:
  6. omg here goes my no shopping in OCtober ban
  7. I used the code today..I've been waiting for a promotion for a Gucci item I wanted...I had a gift card buring a hole in my pocket! Worth it...Wish there was no tax too though!!! I saw the promotion here but then I checked my email and had it there too..This board is great..Love you guys!!! :heart: Emmy