FYI Mini Lin Speedy Lovers!!!

Mar 15, 2009
Hey everyone, I purchased my third LV bag yesterday- the LV Mini Lin Speedy. After much debate between the mini lin and the classic monogram speedy. I am so GLAD I took the dive!!!

BTW everyone that is debating on this bag- the Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene. 2 SA's looked up on there computers at the LV boutique when this bag will be dicontinued- and it will be discontinued by the end of 2009. SOOOO if you guys have been holding this purchase off- please consider.

Thats all :P


Jul 24, 2009
are they still available?? I thought they are sold out now and never come back.

I know that they are no longer selling them but you can probably still find a few. A store near me (in FL) had one just recently. I almost bought it, I just am not so sure about how it sags. My friend has one (out of many LV's) and she says it gets her more compliments than any other!


the sky is the limit
Nov 30, 2008
houston, tx
congrats that you were able to get one! it makes me sad how some bags get discontinued... but that means more new bags. :]