FYI, Malaysia still has Miroir Speedy and Papilon Available For Sale

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May 19, 2006
The Kuala Lumpur branch has the Silver Speedy and Silver Papilon available for order. The Gold is sold out and so are the pochettes.

Just in case anyone of you in the region are still looking for one. The items will be available in Jan/07 when the shipment arrives. Thought they were all sold out.
the Malaysian postal service is NOT very reliable; i wouldn't ship such an expensive bag internationally :blah:

I wouldn't make that generalisation though! I sent packages to malaysia regularly and they all arrived intact! Infact I sent a package for a first time to my sister in law just last week and I forgot to put her house number and the block number. I only know that i made the mistake when they told me they received the package! the postman I guess knows people names better! and I have always received packaged from Malaysia very promptly. I have received packages on Global Priority Mail in 3 days!
My point is if they are willing to ship from Malaysia, ask them to ship priority and you should get your bag safely as I do trust Malaysian and US postal service!:smile:
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