FYI, Macy's sale (5/23/07)

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  1. Hello Toki fans,

    I am not sure whether this includes Tokidoki, but Macy's is having a semi-annual sale on LeSportsac- 25% off. (Through June 6th.) "Sorry, no phone orders". The ad I got today starts May 23rd for Memorial Day.

  2. Macy's on which coast? East or West?
  3. Yup I just got my Memorial Day Sale magazine from Macy's. It's probably not on toi but I'm gonna check it out juuust in case. Oh and I'm only going to look .. not buy .. i promise!! :rolleyes:

    oh and I'm on the East Coast .. I'm sure the West Coast is going to have the same sale?
  4. I just got my sale magazine too, and I am in the West Coast. I've used one of those extra 15% coupon on toki before, but the toki are probably not on sale though
  5. I didn't get my coupon!! But probably by the time I get off work, all the Toki's will be gone!!
  6. East Coast, sorry about that. :smile:
  7. :hrmm: I don't get coupons at my apt... I get them at home... I should change that tho :sneaky: I'll see the coupons when I go home. Thnx for the heads up!
  8. Np! :smile:
  9. I usually also get the coupon in email, so I can post the link to the print-out coupon if I get it in the email.
  10. Cool, thanks! I hope the sale includes toki!