FYI - LV Will Not Ship Internationally

  1. Not sure if this had been posted in the past but I just want to share some interesting facts. LV will not ship internationally.

    I just bought 2 Limelight Clutches from the Banff store and was told that they were the last ones left in Canada. Two days later, I read a post from a member here that she was desperately looking for a Perle Limelight as it's sold out in the States.

    I called LV immediately to see if any Limelight has popped back into the system and was told that they have one Perle at the Vancouver store, and one in the Montreal store. The SA then told me that they will not ship internationally.

    So yesterday, I called my SA in Banff to check if my Limelights have been shipped and I took the opportunity to ask her about international shipping. She told me that it's against LV's policy to ship any item out of the country. I asked since they can't ship it out of the country to someone's address, can they ship it to another LV store outside the country? She said NO. She said it would not be fair to the consumers in Canada or any other countries if LV allows this. She made an interesting comment "If LV allows this, all the Limelights or LE items will end up in the States, and none will be left for us Canadians."

    She said the only thing they can do is to ship the item to my address in Cananda, I can then ship the bag out to my friend in the States.

    I am glad that I live in Canada as it's a lot easier for me to get a hold of LE items. They don't sell out that fast. I just saw a Perfo Cles and a Perfo Pochette 2 months ago at the LV in Toronto.
  2. Back when the first black inclusion bracelets were out and I had missed them here in the US. So I randomly decided to call the store in Montreal to see if they had any. They did but they explained they would not ship to me (in US) on account of their policy. Oh well.
  3. Oh please help me get the Mirage Speedy in red!!!!

    Its sold out here! :push:
  4. maybe i can help u whne i go back to USA..:tup:
  5. My SA told me it was due to the extra tariff duties that they have to pay because they are shipping luxury goods; the U.S. has really strict laws on the importation of luxury goods. I really did not understand the entire explanation. But, yeah, LV is unable to ship internationally.
  6. This is untrue. While I don't think you can call a specific foreign boutique and have them transfer an item your local store, I know for a fact that SAs can do international transfers. This option was offered to me by an SA from the Valley Fair boutique who said she had transferred a seasonal bag from South Africa for a client of hers.
  7. ^^ I got my Mahina XL after the SA made a global request as they were all sold out here and it was sent from an overseas store:yes:
  8. I agree with ValleyO and shalomjude. LV DOES SHIP INTERNATIONALLY, including cross-continental.

    There was ONE item that was destined to be for Canadians only, but as soon as the shipment arrived, there was a customer in Europe who apparently had to have it, so our boutique immediately sent it back for her.

    Also, I've been offered this service by my SA who said that she can do international orders and transfers for me.
  9. Yes, I learned this tidbit quite a number of years ago, I had the papillon 26 with the brown leather straps (vintage) and wanted the papillon 30 with the dark straps and was told there were only 3 left worldwide, all out of the U.S., two in Bermuda. Well, 2 years later I went to Bermuda while on a cruise and low and behold they had it. The SA told me she could have sold that papillon 30 at least a dozen times because she got calls from the U.S. wanting her to ship it to them and she informed LV did not allow them to. I do know that exceptions have been made, one exception I read just a few days ago on this forum! So rules can be broken, but as a rule of thumb, LV SAs are not supposed to do this.
  10. I believe from how the LV in Bermuda explained it to me, it had to do with U.S. customs. There may not be a problem if it does not involve leaving or coming into the U.S.
  11. Well, after reading other posts about LV shipping internationally, I am quite disappointed. I suppose the SAs are selective in deciding for whom to do an international transfer. I imagine it depends on the type of customer you are. However, if you are willing to pay whatever extra tariffs are levied, shouldn't there be an option?
  12. Interesting. I guess if you buy a lot, have a great relationship with your SA or is a VIP, they will bend the rule for you?
  13. I have had items transferred from both Spain and from France with no difficulty, they were even received the next business day.
  14. i think they ship internationally but inter-store, not directly to customers. i read a blog where the local LV had a MOCA neverfull shipped directly to our store here in the Philippines sold to the customer. nevermind that she's a vip, heck, i though that was only sold EXCLUSIVELY in MOCA right? so i guess it depends. if you're a VIP and have the right connections, they will!
  15. ~Yep...I'm thinking of the same thing.~