Fyi~ LT just Added 21 new bags!

  1. :yahoo: LT just addded 21 new bags to their site! 2 vernis, 1 leopard print....etc... Just passing it along to fellow shoppers! Enjoy:smile:
  2. who's LT?
  3. Oh~ Sorry Let-trade =)
  4. Million Thk for Your Info :flowers:
  5. oooohhhh that is so wrong. My last 3 discontinued/LE bags are on his site.
    ***got to stop looking...I'm on a ban******
  6. :crybaby: Too funny! so am I! :sweatdrop:
  7. sorry trying to figure out the ticker thing
  8. I'm interested in the black epi pochette--do you guys think by looking at the picture that is in good condition.
  9. ^^^

    I think that most of their items are in good condition, but they have stopped putting a written description so I would e-mail them and ask questions as to the condition. That way you will have their interpretation, and you will have something on paper as well.

  10. Thanks, that is a good idea.