fyi, looks like you can order MJ online at now...

  1. Thank you for letting us know.
  2. That's great news!

    Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Thanks for sharing. =)
    Looking for more stuffs already? LOL....
  4. Jacquelinez, where is Elise??? She just doesn't want us to see her yet. LOL.
  5. ha! not quite yet.....i was looking at my pretty's the only place i can get a pic online, since the MJ site is flash :smile:
  6. I know Helena!! That girl is seriously hiding herself from us. I guess this is the so called "delayed gratification"!!! :cursing: It's driving me insane tho. I've been checking all the online websites, even mj's just so i can see what it looks like!!! no luck so im just waiting and waiting hehe! glad to know that at least someone out there is sharing my frustration :P!!!
  7. I'm so worried that I can't wait anymore, I'm tempted by 3 bags. Must resist & be patient. I asked my SA to call me as soon as Elise lands in her store. LOL. With all the waiting, Elise has a lot of expectation to meet!
  8. Helena, I think you should totally go for the bal harbour satchel. it is gorgeous! the little stam is cute too and so is the python...haha im not helping am I? I am going to wait to make all decisions until elise comes as she is first priority :smile: ! I know what you mean -- if the non-patent version turns out to be BLEH...i will be really disappointed! But, I dont think it will :P!
  9. Oooooohhhhh...that Emerald Blake is TDF!:drool: