FYI -- Little Lola, Lola and "New" Blake

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  1. I know that there's been "talk" about all of these bags lately. The Lola & Little Lola's been discussed in more than one thread and everyone's got an opinion on the "New" Blake.

    For those who were asking about the Little Lola, I took some pics for you today. I know that some of them aren't the clearest (the ones on the shoulder), but at least this might give you a better idea of its size and how it might carry.

    One thing I noticed about the Little Lola (and didn't like) is that the belt has 3 holes/settings, whereas the full size Lola and the original Venetia only have one set of holes. I don't get why the smaller size has 3 -- I doesn't make much sense to me, but it makes attaching the belt a little more difficult. The nice thing about it is that the longer strap is definitely long enough to carry cross-body, so for those of you who like that style, this might be one to consider

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  2. great pics jj!!!!
  3. for comparison sake, here's the Little Lola and the regular Lola

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  4. did you by any chance take pics of the new blake?
  5. And here is the "New" Blake. I took all the stuffing out -- including the stuffing from the front pockets -- so that you get a better idea how the bag might look when carried. The color and leather are so fantastic on this bag, for me anyhow, it's easy to overlook the different/new pockets. Without all the stuffing, they don't look as "puffy" to me and seem to lie a little flatter against the bag

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  6. and here's the Little Lola and the Blake side by side (the color's not accurate -- they're not as red as they look in this pic)

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  7. Does anyone else think it looks awkward that the shoulder strap is so long when carrying the bag by the handles? I think it looks odd - just wondering what other people think of this look.
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    and lastly, I tired (really tried!) to capture the way that the leather looks. I just couldn't really capture it. But the leather on these bags (especially this Blake!) is just so darned buttery soft -- it really is amazing leather. IMO, it's the best leather on the classics in years. Way better than the Mercer or So Cool and better than S/S09's "classic" leather. It's a really textured leather, a little bit thicker, but really soft and "mushy". It really reminds me of the leather that was used during the 1st season on all the classics with the brass buckles (but since they're lined with coated canvas and not suede, they're lighter weight and perhaps not as thick)

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  9. Thanks for the pics...I was worried about the pockets too.
  10. yeah it you need to reel it in...
  11. Great pics J! Thanks for modeling the Little Lola. I have seen and tried it on in person but it's great to see it on someone else. It looks fabulous on you and I am convinced that I need this bag. I was a bit concerned about the belt but you can skip securing it fully and just let the strap hang and insert it in the leather strap for easy access (hard to describe - I wish I can draw).

  12. The strap is longer (since you can wear it comfortably cross-body), but I also think it looks so much longer because the bag is so small. If the same size strap had been used on the full size Lola, I don't think it would have looked so out of proportion. You could loop the strap up over the top of the bag when its carried so it doesn't hang down

    I know exactly what you mean. I did find the 3 holes and strap a little more difficult to fasten on the Little Lola. On the full size Lola, the buckle popped right in there. I think I would probably leave it undone as well -- probably just slip the end thru the belt loop like you're describing
  13. I'm still not won over by those new pockets....

    But thanks for posting! I didn't know the Little Lola was so little!!
  14. you're right. i never noticed that. it seems like it would drag on the ground if you carried it my hand.

    i haven't warmed to the pockets either, telicious.

    thanks for the pics, ilmb. any other boutique news?

  15. no, nothing new
    Altho I did see the Rocker Stam
    they had gotten a Blue one in
    It's kinda cool how you can "brush" the sequence in either direction giving it an all blue or partial silver look to it. I also LOVE the blue suede along the frame/edges of the bag, altho on a whole, I wasn't really lovin that one (sorry :shrugs:)

    Oh yea -- the Sasha (MbyMJ) is in the LAST batch of deliveries, which according to the line sheets is early Sept-October!! Altho she said it could be in by late August. It's going to come in Black, Brown, Rust, Violet and one other color (I can't remember what it was!!)