FYI ladies, RE: placing orders in stores/online

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  1. If you placed an order from the 7th to now and haven't received a tracking number, our warehouse is running a little behind on select orders due to the high increase of orders so standard shipping (and two day) is taking about 5-7 business days right now and we cannot guarentee overnight at all!

    Just to forewarn you, if you dont' have an email registared at the coach store- you can call for a tracking number at your local store but try calling right around open or close since holiday traffic has increased severely.
  2. "holiday traffic has increased severely." Now that's an understatement! LOL I went to my local Coach store last night and there was a line at the register that went out the store!! :wtf: :wtf: W-O-W I don't know how those ladies in the store were doing it, but I had to give them credit. They were handling it great.
  3. It was insane at my store yesterday, talk about calm before the storm! We would be DEAD one second and the store would literally fill up with about 30 people ALL needing something and we ran around so fast since there were 3 of us. It was fun at least!