FYI....JAX still has Med. Borough in Oxblood, < 20 left

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  1. Just ordered this via phone, succumb to the pressure before it is completely sold out. I'm still kicking myself that I waited too long to buy the polished calfskin in black and it is sold out now. Could not use PCE or FB coupon though so had to pay full price, hopefully, she is worth the full price.

    Hope you get yours if you're still looking for the Oxblood :smile:

  2. I'd check with an outlet, apparently the Boroughs have made it there at 50% off, check the The Borough bag thread.
  3. I just purchased my Oxblood Borough in store on Sunday and had to pay full price as well. I'm happy I got to buy it before it's sold out again!

    Don't worry, she is worth every penny :smile:
  4. Really??? Has anyone seen Oxblood at the outlet??
  5. I'm glad you got yours too. I saw your post and I am drooling over this bag. I can't wait to get mine!

  6. There's a post on the Borough outlet. I don't know what color it is since no pics were posted only a receipt.
  7. What is the number to the jax store is it in the airport? I can't find the number thanks :smile:
  8. JAX = Jacksonville, FL.

    • C O A C H Consumer Service
      One Coach Way
      Jacksonville, FL 32218
    • 1-800-444-3611
      M-F 8am - 11pm EST
      Sat 9am - 7pm EST
      SUN 11am - 7pm EST
  9. Boroughs are not showing up at the outlets. A few made their way there by mistake, but trust that will not happen again. The Wiregrass coach store in tampa fl has 3 in stock left.