FYI- J Crew Final Sale

  1. Just an FYI-

    In the past J Crew has allowed returns on Final Sale items, if that item was not in stores, and ordering it was the only way to try it on.

    No longer. I just received a catalog/internet only item thats a little too big, and they were 100% firm, and wouldn't even give a store credit.

    Just a heads up to anyone wanting to order Final Sale items and might be unsure about fit/sizing.
  2. Hmmm, I haven't seen returns allowed on final sale for a while.
  3. Fearnotsomuch-

    I ordered one item last January, Final sale, and they allowed a return. This year they said no, although it appears some people are being allowed to return if there's a defect.
  4. I'm always so hesitant to buy something from one of their 'FINAL' sales because of this reason. When their sales turn to final sales they post a message on the item description saying returns are not allowed or something like that. Unless I'm 100% sure it will fit or in head over heels in love with an item I usually stay away from the final sales.

    A little off subject...I am a J Crew addict and just discovered that the J Crew outlet in Freeport, ME is FABULOUS! I hadn't been to their outlet in probably 10 years because the last time I went it was really small and they had nothing! They've expanded their location and when I was there a couple of weeks ago had so many things for awesome prices that I had a hard time choosing. I'm head back next weekend with my J. Crew card in hand!!
  5. Girls, vote with your wallet!

    Don't ever shop where they do not put the customer first. Not allowing returns is ridiculous, Final Sale or not. So many of these mall stores have horrible return policies. I won't give them my money.
  6. Yeah-

    I've learned my lesson. Unless I'm 100% sure, no more final sale for me. As a longtime J Crew shopper, I have to say-the CS isn't what it used to be. It was just one item-one time. I could see if someone was calling in many times, how they might say no.

    Final sale on items that can't be tried on without purchasing isn't too Customer friendly.
  7. Count me in as someone who hates that their sales are final! I would have ordered SOOOO much after xmas if I wasn't going to be "stuck" with it. There were so many things that I wanted but wasn't sure about (sizes) now I'm the one who gets screwed and Jcrew keeps making their money :sad:
  8. I made the same mistake too...ordering from J Crew's final sale and not being able to return a L item that was tooooo big. I do know that J Crew's resale prices on eBay are pretty good, so if you can't return it, list it on eBay. You might have something that others like me (M-L by the way) :p would love to buy!
  9. yeah, it seems when they enter into "final sale" mode, even new items they just put on sale are under "final sale" restrictions and you can't return. it's really not putting the customer first, particularly when it comes to items that are catalog/online only. how else are you supposed to try it on? what if you just found this fabulous item and want to try it on, it's online only, and it's now on sale? you're just screwed.
  10. I really hate their FINAL SALE policy. But I suppose you can always bring your return to the store and say you got it as a gift and want to return it for store credit?
  11. is that really possible? ^^if so, i'd have a lot of returning to do...
  12. Just make sure you take the final sale stickers off the package!

    I'm not really for "playing" the company, as I've been on that side of the deal working in retail (i.e. people returning things that haven't been in the store for 2 years), but I'm not a huge fan of the final sale policy either. Just keep in mind that stores lose a large deal of money in returns especially if the store credit is not used in the same store preferably in the same "segment" (usually a 2-3 hour period to reach specific goals).

    With the final sale, they are not required to honor the return even if you say "it was a gift". As much as none of us like the policy, it is an assumed risk if you choose to go for it. Personally I make sure it is something I've already tried on before taking that risk. Yes, you may miss out on something you really wanted but couldn't try on, but losing the money isn't really worth it IMO.
  13. Yeah, the final sale can be tricky. I only order if I know what sizes have worked for me before(i.e. cashmere sweaters, dresses). So far, I've had good luck, and I ordered a shift dress online this weekend. Check out deals and steals since there is a free shipping code and you can use E B A T E S now.
  14. I once ordered a sweater that appeared to be a very pretty pastel green on their website. When it arrived, I was shocked to learn that it was PUKE/LIME GREEN. It was terrible. And a final sale, of course. I put it on eBay and it sold, but I made sure to include pictures that I had actually taken of the sweater in the listing (and not J. Crew's misleading pictures). So the moral of the story is to be sure of the color you're ordering... the pictures on their website are not always accurate.
  15. I ordered a skirt in the same size I always wear (P6) and it was too small. I called customer service and was very nice and explained to her that it's the same size I always order and it just doesn't fit. I already ordered the next size up. She told me they usually don't accept returns, unless I feel the item was perhaps mis-marked, which she said could be the case. So, she made a note on my account and told me I could return it to a store.

    So, I would suggest calling customer service and telling them you think the item was mis-tagged. I also think it may be best to call later at night, when the customer service agents aren't so swamped (I think they may be in better moods.) And, of course, be polite!!